Limassol is a city located on the southern coast of Cyprus-icon Cyprusball near the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by the hills of Troodos.


Limassol was built between the ancient settlements of Amathusball and Kourionball, most probably after Amathusball was destroyed, during the reign of the Byzantine-icon Byzantine Empireball. Then it was called 'Neapolis' (new town) and only began being called 'Limassol' in the 10th century.

For a period 1175 to 1489, Limassol enjoyed remarkable prosperity as a part of the Kingdom of Cyprus-icon Kingdom of Cyprusball. But after its annexation by the Venice-icon Republic of Veniceball and then by the Ottoman-icon Ottomanball, it came to downfall.

The UK-icon British took over British Cyprus-icon Cyprusball in 1878. From the very first days of British rule the condition of Limassolball was improving: The roads were fixed, the animals were removed from the centre, trees were planted, docks constructed, hospitals built and electricity replaced the old lanterns. At the end of the 19th century hotels began to operate.

On 16 August 1960 Cyprus-icon Cyprusball gained independence. Shortly after, the Turkish invasion and the division of the island occurred and many Kingdom of Greece-icon Greek-Cypriot refugees from the North settled down in Limassol.

In the 90s a lot of Russia-icon Russians started investing into the city and subsequently stayed there, hence a Russian community began to form. Limassol is even called little Russia-icon Russia sometimes.

In 2013 Cyprus-icon Cyprusball experienced an economic crisis, but has since recovered and continued to develop.

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