Ljubljanaball (also called Province of Ljubljanaball during WW2) is the largest cityball and capital of Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball.


Ljubljanaball was born as a 2ball, adopted by: SPQRballWestern Roman EmpireballSlavsball, VeniceballAustria-HungaryballYugoslaviaball, and Sloveniaball.

For a long time, Ljubljanaball was known as Emonaball. After the fall of SPQRball, Ljubljanaball was slowly annexed into the German lands, eventually becoming a part of Habsburgball. During WW1, Ljubljanaball fought for Austria-Hungaryball, after the war it was annexed by Serbiaball into Yugoslaviaball.

During WW2, it was occupied by Italyball, then by Nazi Germanyball, until it was eventually freed in 1945 by SR Sloveniaball. In 1991, it became the capital of Sloveniaball.

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