Lombardyball is a Fidget Spinner regionball in northern Italy-icon.png Italyball. It is considered the most technologically advanced regionball in Italy and is the only Italian region with over 10 million inhabitants, making it the most populous; it’s also the place with most UNESCO heritage sites in Italy, being 11.


Lombardyball was officaly born as a 2-icon.png 2ball, later adopted by Gaulball, Germaniaball, SPQRball, Western Roman Empireball, Longobardsball, Duchy of Milanball, Habsburgball and Kingdom of Italyball/Italyball.

Nowadays, Lombardyball is the biggest wanter of Padaniaball.

How to draw

Draw Lombardyball is very simple:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this green
  2. Draw a white fidget spinner Camunian rose
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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