Londonball is a cityball in southwestern Ontario-icon Ontarioball, not to be confused with its namesake in UKball (The Londonball in Canadaball is actually named after the namesake in the UK.) It is the seat of Middlesex Countyball and is the 11th-largest cityball in Canadaball.

Its nickname is the "Forest City".


Prior to its settlement, Londonball, like many other cityballs in Ontarioball, was inhabited by 3balls. Archaeological investigations indicate that the 3balls have been living on Londonball's clay for over 10,000 years. It was first settled in 1826 as a townball, and became a cityball in 1855.

Today, Londonball is a major transportation hub connecting western Ontarioball with cityballs further east thanks to its proximity to being in the middle of the 401, and being part of the "Corridor" rail line. It is also the home of one of Canadaball's best universities (University of Western Ontario), a powerhouse minor hockey team (the London Knights) and lots of diverse tourist attractions.

One of Londonball's proudest moments was giving Canadaball its very first Miss Universe winner in 1982.

Notable People

Justin Bieber, a singer who actually got famous in Strathroy, but no one here really likes anyway.

Ryan Gosling, a well-known actor that has performed in many different movies and most recently, the Blade Runner 2049.

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