Lords-Resistance-Army icon Lord's Resistance Armyball (LRAball) is an insurgency in Uganda-icon Ugandaball, South Sudan-icon South Sudanball, DR Congo-icon Democratic Republic of Congoball, and CAR-icon Central African Republicball. They wish to install a Christian Dictatorship across them all. They are strongly opposed to USA-icon USAball and UN-icon United Nationsball because they are helping the opposing governments to them.


Lords-Resistance-Army icon LRAball sprouted from 2 of their (former) allies, Holy Spirit Movementball and Uganda People's Democratic Armyball. The latter was destroyed by Uganda-icon Ugandaball's government while Holy Spirit Movementball was pushed out of Ugandaball and into Kenya-icon Kenyaball. Lords-Resistance-Army icon LRAball started their insurgency in 1987. Everything was going alright, and even in the 1990s Sudan-icon Sudanball gave Lords-Resistance-Army icon LRAball troops to continue the fight. They started to genocide villages after this, and eventually USA-icon USAball got involved in the fight against them. After years of genocides and losses, KONY 2012 came out, making Lords-Resistance-Army icon LRAball popular across the world, even giving them support in some cases. After some more genocides and losses, Lords-Resistance-Army icon LRAball has been thinned down to 100 troops hiding either in Uganda-icon Ugandaball or South Sudan-icon South Sudanball.

Child Soldiers

Lords-Resistance-Army icon LRAball has been proven to force children into their army during raids on villages at night called Midnight Raids. It ended up provoking children to retreat into big cities at night to avoid these brutal raids, as Lords-Resistance-Army icon LRAball would force the child to kill and eat their parents.



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