Loriball is a provinceball of Armenia-icon Armeniaball. He can into beautiful mountains and gorges, and many old churches on his clay, in majestic settings. He has many earthquakes though, and a really bad one in 1988. He loves reading the poetry of Her favorite son, Hovhannes Tumanian. He is one of the only Armenian provinceballs that doesn't have a closed border with kebabs, just an open border with Georgiaball.

Also the only Armenian provinceball with his own unique coat of arms. He can into her own type of cheese too.


Loriball born as a 2-icon 2ball, adopted by Urartuball, Ancient Armeniaball, Caucasian Iberiaball, SPQR-icon SPQRball, Parthiaball, Persiaball, Bagratid Armeniaball, Kingdom of Georgiaball, Seljukball, Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball, Russian Empireball, Transcaucasiaball, Soviet-icon Sovietball and Armenia-icon Armeniaball.

He was originally part of the Gugarkball province under Ancient Armeniaball. Bagratid Armeniaball gave him independence in 979 because he asked nicely, and he became the Kingdom of Loriball, or Kingdom of Tashir-Dzoragetball. He was of independent until being anschlussed by Kingdom of Georgiaball in 1118. As a result a few Georgian churches and cemeteries can be found on his clay. He's been a provinceball ever since.

From 1918-1920 First Republic of Armeniaball and DR Georgiaball had a border dispute over him and Javakhball, but after Soviet-icon Sovietball anschlussed everyone he gave Loriball to Armenian SSRball (one of the only times he settled a border dispute in his favor).

Soviet-icon Sovietball liked being into making chemical plants on his clay, which annoys him as they spoil his natural beauty and most are abandoned now anyway. His capital Vanadzorball had many abandoned buildings after independence from Sovietball. His son Spitakball was completely destroyed in 1988 due to earthquake, but is now rebuilt.

Under Soviet-icon Sovietball he was divided into 6 raionballs: Kalininoball, Alaverdiball, Kirovakanball, Aragatsball, Spitakball and Stepanavanball. After Armenia-icon Armeniaball's independence, he stopped using raionballs and in 1995 united these 6 back into Loriball.

How to draw

Draw Loriball isn't difficult:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw the coat of arms of Lori in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


Armeniaball Provinces

Hers is the green clay in the north.

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