Luoyangball is the cityball with longest history in China-icon Chinaball, which lived in He-nan-icon Henanball, and also lives through most dynasties. He was the capital of Xiaball, Shangball, Zhouball, Hanball, Cao Weiball, Jinball, Northern Weiball, Suiball, Tangball, Later Tangball and Later Jinball. So nothing can be stimulate and baffle to him. He was called Zhenxunball in Xia time, called West Hao in Shang time and Luoyi in Zhou time. As a cityball which has many time to be a capital, he has seen many dynasties' death. So he loves Buddhism. He is the cityball where Taoism born, the first city where Buddhism came and spread, where the Ancient Silk Road started, where compass, the paper making, and the printing were created and where Confucianismball was prosperous. Suiball built Grand Canal just for going to Luoyang easier.

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