Muh Theses!

Lutheranismball is a form of Christianity that originates from Germany-icon Germanyball and was first form of Christianity to be of Protestant-icon Protestant. It posted his 95 Theses on a Catholic church when he found out that buying indulgences doesn't really get you to heaven. Catholic-icon Catholicismball wasn't very happy about this so he excommunicated Lutheranismball. Because of this, it started a thing called the "Protestant Reformation".

What are some characteristics of Lutheranismball?

  • Lutheranismball has most teachings be directly from the scriptures
  • Lutheranismball focuses mostly on later scriptures from Jesus Christ
  • Lutheranismball only has two sacraments, holy communium and baptism where as Catholicismball has 7 

Countries with Lutheranism majorities

Countries with major Lutheran Minorities


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