Lvivball (Ukrainian IPA: /lwiu̯/; Polish IPA: /lvuf/; Russian IPA: /lʲvof/) is an Oblast located in Ukraine-icon Ukraineball, claimed by Poland-icon Polandball.


Lvivball was a 2ball, originally belonged to Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia (an East-Slavic kingdom). In 1349 Kingdom of Polandball got Lviv. Lviv was under Poland-Lithuaniaball's rule until 1772.

Followed by the rule of Habsburg Austria. In 1918, Second Polish Republicball regained Lviv. In 1939-1941, it is in Soviet Unionball's rule. In 1945, Lviv was given back to Ukraineball.

After WW2, most of the Poles were forced to move to west Poland territories such as Wroclawball. Now only 1% of population of Lviv is Polish.


Lviv's former name is "Królewskie Stołeczne Miasto Lwów" (Royal Capital City of Lviv).


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