Lyonball is the third (second in economy and with the human agglomeration) biggest city of France-icon.png Franceball. It is located in the south-east, and is the chief-town (Capital) of Rhône-Alpesball including Savoy-icon.png Savoyball, Auvergne-icon.png Auvergneball, Dauphineball and Lyonnaisball.

He is the home of Interpol and Euronews and known in Franceball's clay as the "capitale de la gastronomie".


Lyonball born as 2-icon.png 2ball, founded by SPQR-icon.png SPQRball as "Lugdunum".

From 470 to 534, this city was the capital of Kingdom of Arlesball and Burgundyball.

In 1895, the cinema was invented in the city by the "Frères Lumières". There is an institute (L'institut Lumière) and a festival (Le festival Lumière) with a price (Le prix Lumière).

The lion is his emblem gives the name at the city.

How to draw

Draw Lyonball is a bit difficult:

  1. Draw an upper bar with this blue.
  2. Add 3 yellow lilies in this bar.
  3. Paint the rest of the circle with this red.
  4. Draw a white lion in the middle of the red.
  5. Draw the eyes and you finish.

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