Mačvaball is an administrative divisionball of Serbia-icon Serbiaball.

Mačva is the only region in Serbia-icon Serbiaball that shares a bit of land with Vojvodina-icon Vojvodinaball (although it isn't considered a part of Vojvodina)


Mačvaball is believed to be inhabited as early as 1st century BC.

Southern parts of Machva were first included as part of serbia in 9th century. In 13th century, Northen parts of Machva were a part of Kingdom of Hungaryball.

Machva would frequently move countries in the balkans.

In 1832., Machva ,officially, became a part of Principality of Serbiaball. in 1914. World War I happened, and machva would get heavily damaged. Women in the region would get raped by Austrian soldiers and men tortured.

Between 1918 and 1922, Mačva was known as the Podrinjski Okrug. Between 1922 to 1929, it was known as the Podrinjska Oblast.

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