After the Typhoon Hato, I need healing....
Macau-icon Macauball

Macauball, officially the Macaoball Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of Chinaball is a cityball and special administrative district of China-icon Chinaball. He obviously is only bordered by China, but remains close to his brother Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball. The region is divided into seven parishes, along with the capital being himself, giving him a total area of 44.5 square miles. As of 2016, he has a population of about 650,900, or slightly smaller than the US State of Alaska-icon Alaskaball.

Despite having his own passport, currency, and language, Macau is still considered a part of China, and thus cannot join any international organizations except for the ones China joins.

Macauball is one of the most gigantic gambling centers worldwide, even more than Las Vegas-icon Las Vegasball. For a large portion of it's modern history it has been extremely favorable of gambling.

His national day is on December 20th.


死黨/Amigos (Friends)

敵人/Inimigos (Enemies)

  • China-icon Chinaball (hardly is) - Papa Biológico.. but HUE REMOVER!
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - Louco who wants to destroy the world!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball (Sometimes) - Not really a enemy, but he drunk amigo of my HUE! bad vodka.




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