After the Typhoon Hato, I need healing....
Macau-icon Macauball

Macauball, officially the Macaoball Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of Chinaball is a cityball and special administrative district of China-icon Chinaball. He obviously is only bordered by China but remains close to his brother Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball. The region is divided into seven parishes, along with the capital being himself, giving him a total area of 44.5 square miles. As of 2016, he has a population of about 650,900, or slightly smaller than the US State of Alaska-icon Alaskaball.

Despite having his own passport, currency, and language, Macauball is still considered a part of China-icon Chinaball, and thus cannot join any international organizations except for the ones China joins.

Macauball has one of the most gigantic gambling centers worldwide, even more than Las Vegas-icon Las Vegasball. For a large portion of his modern history he has been extremely favorable of gambling.

His national day is on December 20th.


死黨/Amigos (Friends)

敵人/Inimigos (Enemies)

  • China-icon Chinaball (hardly is) - Papa Biológico.. but HUE REMOVER!
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - Louco who wants to destroy the world!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball (Sometimes) - Not really a enemy, but he drunk amigo of my HUE! bad vodka.




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