Madagascarball (Madagacarballe in French, and Madagasikarabaolina in Malagasy) is a Big and CHUNKY countryball in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Africa, it occupies the 4th largest islandball in the world (after Greenland-icon Greenlandball, New Guinea, and Borneo) and is the largest completely independent island nation.


Madagascarball was an uninhabited island until first inhabited in 500 AD by 1-icon Austronesian sailors from Malay Archipelago, before 8-icon 8ball came in later and Czech SR-icon Merina Kingdomball established in 16th century. Was of happy 'til France-icon Franceball colonized him, but he was lucky that he had what is now Comorosball, Mayotteball and the French Southern and Antarctic Landsball in his possessio  Madagascarball 

How to draw

Draw Madagascarball is very simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two vertical stripes
  2. Divide the right stripe into two horizontal stripes, red and green
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.





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