Madagascarball (Madagacarballe in French, and Madagasikarabaolina in Malagasy) is a countryball in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Africa, it occupies the 4th largest islandball in the world (after Greenland-icon Greenlandball, New Guinea, and Borneo) and is the largest completely independent island nation.


Madagascarball was an uninhabited island until first inhabited in 500 AD by 1-icon Austronesian sailors from Malay Archipelago, before 8-icon 8ball came in later and Czech SR-icon Merina Kingdomball established in 16th century. Was of happy 'til France-icon Franceball colonized him, but he was lucky that he had what is now Comorosball, Mayotteball and the French Southern and Antarctic Landsball in his possession.

Nowadays, Madagascarball is a fully independent country since 1960, and moving it since 2005

How to draw

Draw Madagascarball is very simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two vertical stripes
  2. Divide the right stripe into two horizontal stripes, red and green
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.