Malayaball was a former country in Southeast Asia that existed from 31 January 1948 to 16 September 1963. The country became independent from UKball by 31 August 1957. Malayaball was made up by 11 states in the Malay Peninsular. Malayaball became Malaysiaball with addition of Tringapore (until 9 August 1965), Sarawakball, and Sabahball in 1963.


Before Malayaball could into independence, it was of called Malayan Unionball, a British crown colony that is consist of 11 states. The union was later forced to removed by Malay nationalist and thus, replaced by Malayaball.

UKball did not include Tringapore in the federation, that is why we of divided.

Later Malayaball can into Independence on 31 August 1957 and became member of Commonwealthball.

Between June 1948 and July 1960, Malayaball was removing communism during this period.

Member States

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