Malaysiaball is a countryball located in Southeast Asia. He is bordered by Thailand-icon Thailandball and Brunei-icon Bruneiball to the North, and Singapore-icon Tringapore and Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball to the South. The country is divided into 13 states and 3 federal territories, which are Putrajaya-icon Putrajayaball, Labuan-icon Labuanball, and his capital Kuala Lumpur-icon Kuala Lumpurball, giving him a total area of 127,724 square miles, making him the 66th largest country in the world. As of 2019, he maintains a population of about 33 million inhabitants.

Being geographically in Southeast Asia, as well as being a former Islamic British colony, gives Malaysia the ability to join ASEAN-icon ASEANball, the English-icon Commonwealth, and the OIC-icon OIC. Malaysia is also a major non-NATO ally, as well as a UN-icon UN member like every other country.

Malaysiaball (except for Sabah-icon Sabahball) as well asSingapore-icon Tringapore and Brunei-icon Bruneiball are safe from most natural disasters. (Thanks to Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball.)

His national day is August 31.


In 1400s, In one of it's state of Malacca-icon Malaccaball, became an Malacca Sultanate-icon empire and anchluss then Kingdom of Singapura-icon Kingdom of Tringapura and some parts of Sumatra in Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball. In 1511, Kingdom of Portugal-icon Kingdom of Portugalball ruled Malacca-icon Malaccaball and destroyed it's empire. The fall of Malacca-icon Malaccaball led to the birth of Johor-icon Johorball and Perak-icon Perakball. Later the Dutch Empire-icon Dutch Empireball and Johor-icon Johorball helped to remove Portugal-icon Portugalball of Malacca-icon Malaccaball in 1641, and then Dutch Empire-icon Dutch Empireball give Malacca-icon Malaccaball to UK-icon UKball in 1825.

Meanwhile in the borneo islands, Bruneian Empire-icon Bruneian Empireball gave Crown Colony of North Borneo-icon North Borneoball to Sulu Sultanateball and the Sulus later handed over to UK-icon UKball, while Sarawak-icon Sarawakball became a kingdom as Bruneian Empire-icon Bruneian Empireball gave it to the Brooke family (also a Pro-British) and Labuan-icon Labuanball became a crown colony to the British.

Since 1771, UK-icon UKball started to colonize every states in Malaysia-icon Malayaball starting from the settlement in Penang-icon Penangball (then part of Kedah-icon Kedahball) until the fall of Pahang-icon Pahangball in 1863. Then of UK-icon UKball started to centralise Malay states which led to Malayan Union-icon Federated Malay Statesball and Unfederated Malay states. Also, UK-icon UKball built Straits Settlements-icon Straits Settlementball by putting Penang-icon Penangball, Dutch Malacca-icon Dutch Malaccaball, British Singapore-icon British Tringapore and Labuan-icon Labuanball.

Later in 1942, of Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball anchluss and ruled Malaysia-icon Malayaball and Borneo until 1945. Then when they left, communism started to grow in the peninsular and had threatened to remove the monarchy which led to an emergency. UK-icon UKball returned to Malaysia-icon Malayaball and forced all rulers in the state to sign a birth certificate of Malayan Union-icon Malayan Unionball despite threats of mass removal by the Malays. Malayan Union-icon Malayan Unionball was born and lasted 3 years after it was forced to remove by the Malays, it was later replaced by Malaysia-icon Federation of Malayaball until they can into independence on August 31st, 1957.

Meanwhile in the Borneo islands, the Brooke dynasty in Malaysia-icon Sarawakball was dying and they promised to give independence earlier which was cancelled after the Anschluss of Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball. Crown Colony of Sarawak-icon Sarawakball was handed to UK-icon British Empireball and became of Crown Colony of Sarawak-icon crown colony instead. While Crown Colony of North Borneo-icon North Borneoball also became a Crown Colony of North Borneo-icon crown colony of UK-icon British Empireball after they easily accepted their offer.

In 1960s, independent Malaysia-icon Malayaball managed to remove communism, grows up and calls Crown Colony of Sarawak-icon Sarawakball, Crown Colony of North Borneo-icon North Borneoball and British Singapore-icon British Tringapore to become Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball. Crown Colony of Sarawak-icon Sarawakball, Crown Colony of North Borneo-icon North Borneoball and Singapore-icon Tringapore agreed to form the federation. Brunei-icon Bruneiball wanted to be part of Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball at first but was later refused over oil issues. Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball became of reality on 16 September, 1963. Philippines-icon Philippinesball and Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball are against it at first and they attacked us but Commonwealthball came and protected us, later they of accept the formation.

With the attack ended, and the growing tensions of the Cold War, Malaysiaball was strongly against communism and decides to seek protection from UK-icon UKball, Canada-icon Canadaball, Australia-icon Australiaball, and New Zealand-icon Australia's Australiaball if communism ever tries to remove him. Later, he founded the ASEAN-icon ASEANcoin along with his neighbors as a part to remove communism and seek monies.

Singapore-icon Tringapore wanted equal rights to all races after they formed Malaysiaball. Unfortunately, due to of racial politics, Malaysiaball didn't agree. This led to of racial disputes, causing racial riots in 1964. and in 1965, Tringapore was kicked out by Malaysiaball.

In 1969, racial tensions between of Malay and of Chinese was growing over control of Malaysiaball's economy. This was due to the racial side effects left by UK-icon UKball where he implement a policy where one race work in just one industry. Basically, an economic apartheid. The Chinese was far more rich compare to of Malay. Tensions grew even further after this issue was brought into politics. This led into a breakout of May 13 riots in which was later declared one of Malaysiaball's darkest day. With this, he decided to implement New Economic Policy and Oath of Allegiance (Rukun Negara).

In 1970, the New Economic Policy has helped Malaysiaball gain monies and racial tensions in economy had finally eased and ensure every industry was handled by every race, not one industry was monopolized by just one race.

On February 13, 2017, two women from Vietcong and Indonmie killed the half-brother of North Korea-icon North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Nam with little support by the North Korean Supreme Leader. Malaysia was happy because of this.

On 9 May 2018, the main opposition coalition called Pakatan Harapan ("Alliance of Hope") in the Malaysian Parliament won a total of 121 seats in the new Parliament, enough to form a government. This marked a historic defeat for the ruling Baziran Nasional ("National Wastage") coalition (which it's name was tarnished by corruption scandals and misallocation of government funds), which had been the governing party of Malaysia and its predecessor state, Malayaball, since the country's independence in 1957.

Flag Colors

Navy Blue 1, 0, 102 C100-M94-Y24-K20 #010066
Tangerine Yellow 255, 204, 0 C0-M25-Y94-K0 #FFCC00
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
Boston University Red 204, 0,1 C12-M91-Y100-K2 #CC0001



  • Albania-icon Albaniaball - Good Potato. Also I will support you against that damn Rakiya. KOSOVO IS ALBANIA!!!
  • Armenia-icon Armeniaball - I like you Armenia. I send you a gift, your brand new hotel for you to relax. Wish I could help you to recognize your genocide by STUPID DONMEHS! Also why you want to Remove Kebab? Of course I know Young Turk kebabs did your genocide.
  • Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball - I was one of the countries that reconized his independence. Both of us hate Myanmar-icon The Serbia of Southeast Asia.BUT REMOVE BANGKALA WORKERS
  • FSA-icon FSAball - Yuo can into freedom, keep on removing ISIS and Assad! I thought Yuo are terrorist?
  • China-icon Chinaball - Of good trading partners and friend. Gib weapons. But why yuo of claiming Spratly?
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball- TV2
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball -Umm..... abang NZ...….. hey please don't cry is not your fault....Please don't cry, you going make me crylah...Tolong abang NZ,jangan nangis…...please
  • Japan-icon Japanball - I let his waifu entertaining into my clay. He also met with Dr Tun Mahathir and our strong ally.
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - Yuo can into freedom! keep on removing rakiya!!
  • Macau-icon Macauball - Macau hijau, just like your flag. (get it?)
  • NATO-icon NATOball- Good friends ov mine, thanks for removing Republika Srpska and Bosnia killer.
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball - I feel bad for you bro. You should be independent. I mean I don't hate Jewish people or anything but Israelcube is being mean to U.
  • Poland-icon Polandball - Happy 100 anniversary! KURWA BROTHERS!
  • Singapore-icon Tringapore - He is my relative and also a friendly rival, though the one who used to threaten the bumiputra's right. And now I also regret kicking him off Federation lah. HELP ME PLEASE OR I'LL ANSCHLUSS YUO
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Most of our hipster youths like your Pop songs, cool.
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball- He is of good frand and fellow friend that removes That Myanmarball, though he is still Buddhist, but he is real nice bro, my true friend. BUT GIB AID! His girls are quite pretty and good lah.
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - many Malaysian nationals live in his clay, please keep Namewee in yup clay!! BUT EWWWW HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT WELCOME IN MY COUNTRY!!! ITS GROSS, AND EWW (FAINTS)
  • Tunisia-icon Tunisiaball - Best North African country. I have a lot of companies in Sfaxball and we both sends students to each other. Unfortunately he is also friend with Serbia-icon The damn Kebab remover and doesn't recognize Kosovoball but I still love this guy despite from that.
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - Defend kebab! Also pls dont do anything to Armenia-icon Armeniaball.
  • Pakistan-iconPakistanball - We fight side-by side with Americans especially in Battle of Mogadish.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball-Take Back Your Useless Ass Unrecyclable Piss Of Shit Plastics Please~ I'm trying to keep our relation in a good term but I'M NOT A THRASH BIN THAT YOU CAN THROW YOUR UNRECYCLABLE PLASTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Thanks for letting me into space. But recently, one of your soldiers may have committed huge war crime, Altought, I recognize Crimea-icon Crimeaball as Ukraine-icon Ukrainian clay. We can be friends

Berkecuali (Neutral)

  • BRICS-icon BRICSbricks- All my bff's in there. South Africa and Brazil similar to me and btw, Thx Russia for letting me into space and STOP BULLYING NATOball
  • Brunei-icon Bruneiball - Another of my relatives!!! Why would you implement Hudud law while your own royal family breaks it? One day your capital will be Kuala Lumpur.
  • USA-icon USAball - Removes imposter kebabs. We train side by side in RIMPAC and CARAT.BUT HOW DARE YOUR PEOPLE NOT NOTICE ME AN ONLY KNOW ME FOR AIRPLANE FAILURE ONE DAY YOU WILL SPLIT INTO PEICES YOU GOT THAT!? ALSO, YUO STOLE MY FLAG!BUT pls don't ban Muslims. He also help me to Fight Commie Infidels. One of my true friends.
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - Brother, friendly rival, and a very complicated love-hate relationship. My people love visit his clay, see my Penang-icon doctor son, and also his TV shows and many kids in his clay love my animated shows (especially BoBoiBoy and Upin Ipin). BUT STOP CLAIMING IM YOUR CULTURE STEALER!! ALL CULTURE ORIGINALLY BELONGED TO ME!!! I EXISTES SINCE BC THAN URS! THE WORD MALAYA COME FROM MALAYALAM!!! I'M EXISTED IN BC AND YOURS INDO CREATED BY EUROPEANS!!! UR NOT REALLY A COUNTRY THOUGH Ironically he is one of the richest countries in the world but many of his people come here to work as migrant workers for greater wages and AND I (don't) TORTURE THEM WKWKWKWKWKWK. Control yuor smog and forest fire problems plox. ALSO 1963-1965 NEVER FORGET! YOU STEALINGS POLAND'S FLAG?!. AND WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP FOR WHINING ABOUT I STEAL FROM ANY COUNTRIES?! YOU REALLY INSULT ME BY CALLING "MALINGSIAL"? WELL I CALLING YOU "INDOGNESIAL" Then... ALSO YOU AND NGUYEN EMPIRE ARE THE ONE WHO KILLED NORTH KOREAN'S HALF BROTHER WHICH CAUSE A FAIL FRIENDLY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ME AND NORTH KOREA! Sialan punya Indon! (I hope Dr M will fix our relationship. Thanks for protecting me from those natural disasters.)
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - I really don't know, but we should be fine. I think that he is another one of my relatives in terms of ethnicity. Hey, Sabahball is mine, I paid them they volunteered to join. Oh, I can see that your city, Marawi is under attack by ISIS militants. We'll keep watching... wait, you handled them? I am of impressed. Pleases improve yourself so your illegal immigrants can go home, were fine with your legal immigrants. Don't use the excuse that Sabahball is "yours" so you can dumb illegals in my clay, I don't want another pigdog. I heared Duterte's proposed future government was going to include parts of my clay, I'll see about that. Nevertheless, REMOVE BALUT FROM THE PREMISES AND FUCK OFF PIGNOY!!!! SABAH IS FOREVER MINE!
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - Don't worry, I recognize Crimea-icon Crimeaball as your land instead of Russia-icon Russiaball's
  • UK-icon UKball - Bapa, thanks for letting me into independence. But how dare you disqualify my chef because of crispy rendang!!!! WILL REMOVE FOR MAKING FUN OF MALAYSIAN CULTURE AND CUISINE and I still not going to forgive you, what happen back than when Empire of Japanball invade!
  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball - ASEAN friend! but I can into beating yuo in football! Likes Upin Ipin and BoBoiBoy AND FUCK YOU AND INDOG FOR LETTING FAILURE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN ME AND NORTH KOREA!
  • Japanese-Empire-iconEmpire of Japanball-I want say thanks, at same time 'I BENCI you' like thank you for opening my eyes and teach me what is independent like Asia for Asian peoples but giving away myPerlis-iconKedah-icon Kelantan-iconTerengganu-icon abang and kakak to Thailand-iconThailandball as agreement and raping me, I STILL HAVE THE HICKEYS YOU LEFT ME but you were about to give my independent but was to late, when USA-iconUSAball drop the A-bomd. 
  • Soviet-icon Commie Freak-FUCK YOU COMMIE!!! YOU MADE MALAYAN COMMIES AGAINST ME!!! LUCKY UKball and USAball buddies removed YOU!!! I BET YOU LIKED MY AIRCRASHES!!! STUPID SOVIET SHITbut he did stress out UK until he have no choice give me independent and I visit him at Moscow too....heh...


  • Crimea-icon Crimeaball - You stealings one of Sabah-icon my state's flag except you don't have mountain on your face. Well of course I would send you to Ukraine-icon Ukraineball,.
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - Fuckin' Imposter, before asking people to convert to of Islam, why not yuo first?SO REMOVE TERRORISM OR ME AND Everyone WILL FUCK YOU UP SO DAMN HARD
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - REMOVE KOSHER! NO ANY DEPLOMATIC FOR YUO!LOOK MY PASSPORT! NEVER BEING GOOD WITH ME FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! Really, why cant you just give Palestine independence? I might even start to like you if you did that.
  • Liberia-icon Liberiaball- ARE YOU CLAIMING ME YOUR FLAG STEALER, YOU MORON? I GOT IT FROM East India Company-icon East India Companyball's Flag. YUO STEAL THE FLAG FROM USA-icon USAball. Pretty nice guy though deep down. He is also my nephew and Philippines-icon Philippinesball's brother.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - Why are you blaming me for your leaders half brother's death? YOU were the one who killed him and you know it!!! But It wasn't me the one who killed your leaders half brothers. IT WAS VIETNAM AND INDONESIA IDIOTS DID IN MUH CLAY SO THIS HAPPENS. ALSO I HAVE GOOD TIES WITH USA SO GET LOST COMMUNIST! SOUTH KOREA, BEST KOREA!!!
  • 6-icon 6ball- They stole my plane: '( MH370 (sob) I HOPE Murica-icon `MURICA WILL FUCK YOU!!!

States and Territories

Polandball map of malaysia

Malaysiaball map

Federal Territoriesball (Wilayah Persekutuan)

Peninsular (Semenanjung)

  • Selangor-icon Selangorball - Most urbanized state.
  • Perak-icon Perakball - Gold and Silver mines goes here.
  • Penang-icon Penangball - Another most urbanized state, THE food capital, professional doctor, and a tourist attraction that includes a UNESCO site, beaches and a verdant hill.
  • Malacca-icon Malaccaball - Used to be SPQRball version of Southeast Asia, now he still remember his former glory.
  • Kelantan-icon Kelantanball - The strength of Kebab is strong in this one. Can into football too.
  • Kedah-icon Kedahball - Rice, rice, and rice.
  • Terengganu-icon Terengganuball - A lot of oil here.
  • Perlis-icon Perlisball - Nothing much.
  • Pahang-icon Pahangball - Home of the strawberries, tea, and casinos nothing else. Genting is of in Pahang-icon Pahang not from Singapura wannabe Selangor.
  • Negeri Sembilan-icon Negeri Sembilanball - Abnormal enclaves of monarchy
  • Johor-icon Johorball - Where most dumb people become famous and went viral nationally. Other unfamous people are smart

Borneo/Kalimantan (Malaysia Timur)


States in Borneo (East Malaysia)

  • Sarawak-icon Sarawakball - They formally wanted to join us, now they regret it. If he doen't get equal developings and keeps getting his money and 'ol stealed, he and Sabahball will be independent. (Treason) They can into oil an timber.and edible worms!
  • Sabah-icon Sabahball - They formally wanted to join us, but our neighbors won't accept it. Until today. I am talking to you Philippines!
  • Indonesiaball don't stealing my region OR I WILL ANSCHLUSS WHOLE KALIMANTAN !

Former and Proposed

  • Singapore-icon Tringapore - Kicked out because useless, now I regret it.
  • Brunei-icon Bruneiball - Didn't want to join us :( But we still treated him as a little brother.



Quotes (Peribahasa)

Malaysiaball speaks in Bahasa Malaysia, but it also can speak in 136 different languages other than that. Malaysiaball also speaks Bahasa Rojak, which mixes 3 or 4 languages in a sentence. Some of the quotes spoken are:

  • Betul betul betul!
  • "Kita再来anschluss新加坡 aok aok aok, Brunei 你watch out macha."
  • "Lah lah Lepak lah aok aok aok"
  • "Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu"
  • "Rumah Sakit korban lelaki"
  • "Perkosa bumi"
  • "Malaysia Boleh! blah"
  • "Carik-carik bulu ayam lama-lama jadi shuttlecock bercantum juga"
  • "Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian cukai pendapatan tidak berguna"
  • "Negaraku tanah tumpahnya darahku rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju rahmat bahagia tuhan kurniakan raja kita selamat bertakhta" that's the national anthem LOL
  • "Wei macha, today apa mau makan, manok pansoh ok tak?" (We mix 5 languages in this)
  • "Benda boleh gaduh, buat apa bincang?"

...and many more other mencarut not-so-vulgar sentences.



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