Oh This guy is rich, Everyone Said, OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT
— Bill Wurtz
A ton appeal Mali
Mali-icon Maliball

Maliball is a depressed landlocked countryball in West Africa. Despite his poverty and poor living conditions, he can into good music. He also has a military that can into imaginings.[1]

He is both members of the Atlantic-Congo family and of the Nilo-Saharan family.


Maliball/Azawadball is a descendant of the 8ball and also a descendant of Ghana Empireball. His Great grandfather was Mali Empireball (and was the richest countryball that ever existed in history), but he was deposed by his son Songhaiball. His father, Wassoulou Empireball was killed by France-icon Franceball, that adopted him. He killed some UN-icon peacekeepers.

Maliball became independent in 1960 and Azawadball is trying to secede from him.

In 2013, the north of Maliball is anschlussed by terrorists who invaded Tombouctouball and ruin everything.

In 2020, the military couped him (DURING GLOBAL CEASEFIREUN-icon), and now the president abolished the government. This, once again ruining everything, messed up his 60th birthday.



  • France-icon Franceball - Adoptive mother. We still have very good relationship and she really likes moi and considere moi like son favorite African adopted son. Merci for helping me removing ze jihadists in the desert!
  • Senegal-icon Senegalball - Brother who was part of my glorious Empire. We share ethnic groups in commun and have quite similaire cultures. We also can into similar flags.
  • Burkina Faso-icon Burkina Fasoball - Sympathique neighbour in the South.
  • Mauritania-icon Mauritaniaball - Ahh, the one with the smile. He was part of my clay when je was richer. But jemove slaves plox! Though although I am a hypocrite
  • Niger-icon Nigerball - Sahel brother who is poorer than me. I feel so sorry for him.


  • Guinea-icon Guineaball - Other brother who likes playing Kora and telling stories (was part of my empire) but why did yuo copy mon flag? ALSO STOP SPREADING EBOLA TO MY COUNTRY!



Maliball have many security problems on his clay (evil jihadists!) and is one of the least developed countries but tries to stay optimistic and friendly with other countryballs, even if he can be of sad by moments (when he think about his rich grandfathers). He is a music lover and is famous for having the best musicians in West Africa, he also likes to tell stories and legends when he plays the Kora (his traditionnal instrument).

How to draw

Draw Maliball is very simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three vertical stripes, green, yellow and red
  2. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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