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Maltaball, officially the Republic of Malt Maltaball, is Grandayy an island country living in the Mediterranean Sea. The country is divided into 5 regions, including the capital Valletta-icon.png Vallettaball located in the South Eastern Region, giving him a total area of 122 square miles, making him the 186th largest country in the world, a European microstate. As of 2018, he maintains a population of about 475,700 inhabitants, the smallest of all EU-icon.png EUball member states. He is one of the few neutral countries and also the Homeland of Meme Lord Grandayy.


Malta has been inhabited from around 5200 BC, since the arrival of settlers from the island of Sicily-icon.png Sicily. A significant prehistoric Neolithic culture marked by Megalithic structures, which date back to c. 3600 BC, existed on the islands, as evidenced by the temples of Mnajdra, Ggantija, and others. The Phoenicians colonised Malta between 800–700 BC, bringing their Semitic language and culture. They used the islands as an outpost from which they expanded sea explorations and trade in the Mediterranean until their successors, the Carthaginians, were ousted by the Romans in 216 BC with the help of the Maltese inhabitants, under whom Malta became a municipality.

After a period of Byzantine rule (4th to 9th century) and a probable sack by the Vandals, the islands were invaded by the Aghlabids in AD 870. The fate of the population after the Arab invasion is unclear but it seems the islands may have been completely depopulated and were likely to have been repopulated at the beginning of the second millennium by settlers from Arab-ruled Sicily who spoke Siculo-Arabic.

The Muslim rule was ended by the Normans who conquered the island in 1091. The islands were completely re-Christianised by 1249. The islands were part of the Kingdom of Sicily until 1530 and were briefly controlled by the Capetian House of Anjou. In 1530 Charles I of Spain gave the Maltese islands to the Order of Knights of the Hospital St.John of Jerusalem in perpetual lease. In 1565 Ottoman Empireball attacked them but they won, causing Ottomans to lose their impression of invincibility.

France-icon.png Franceball under Napoleon took hold of the Maltese islands in 1798, although, with the aid of the UK-icon.png UKball, the Maltese were able to oust French control two years later. The inhabitants subsequently asked Britain to assume sovereignty over the islands under the conditions laid out in a Declaration of Rights, stating that "his Majesty has no right to cede these Islands to any power... If he chooses to withdraw his protection, and abandon his sovereignty, the right of electing another sovereign, or of the governing of these Islands, belongs to us, the inhabitants and aborigines alone, and without control." As part of the Treaty of Paris of 1814, Malta became a British colony, ultimately rejecting an attempted integration with the United Kingdom in 1956.

Malta became independent on 21 September 1964 (Independence Day). Under its 1964 constitution, Malta initially retained Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of Malta, with a Governor-General exercising executive authority on her behalf. On 13 December 1974 (Republic Day), it became a republic within the Commonwealth, with the President as head of state. On 31 March 1979 Malta saw the withdrawal of the last British troops and the Royal Navy from Malta. This day is known as Freedom Day and Malta declared itself as a neutral and non-aligned country. Malta joined the European Union on 1 May 2004 and joined the Eurozone on 1 January 2008. Today, Malta is known for its record of having the highest average lifetime age.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Philippine Red 207, 20, 43 C0-M90-Y79-K19 #CF142B
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

Emblem Colors

Philippine Red 207, 20, 43 C0-M90-Y79-K19 #CF142B
Chinese Silver 204, 204, 204 C0-M0-Y0-K20 #CCCCCC
Cinereous 150, 135, 125 C0-M10-Y17-K41 #96877D

How to draw

Drawing Maltaball is almost simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two vertical stripes, white and red.
  2. Draw a grey cross on the top-left corner.
  3. Draw the eyes and you have finished.




  • Tunisia-icon.png Tunisiaball  - We both can into Semitic, and lots of Maltese people have come to yuor clay in the past. She is also my biological sister, that has become arab. Yuo are the only Arab I can of trust, I guess.


  • Arab League-icon.png Arab Leagueball - I AM NOT ARAB, I AM MALTA!!!
  • Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball - Although he is not arab semteic. He is a psychopathic semetic which is just as bad.


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