Manichaeanismball was an ancient dualistic Sasanian Sassanid-icon Ignostic religion. He was born in Persia from the prophet Mani and was a branch of Gnosticism. He was kicked out of Persia soon after and fled across the Eurasian steppe to flee persecution. Places he ended up in included Mongolia, Samarkand, Tibet and China. He found his greatest inluence in Mongolia when the Uygurs still controlled the area and held dominance. But alas, when the Uygurs where removed, he drasticly fell in power. The rise of Islam in central Asia was a death blow to any dominance and put Manishaeanismball in it's place today with scattered populations in Mongolia.

How to draw

Draw Manichaeanismball isn't difficult.

  • Draw the basic circle shape
  • Draw a circle border in the center, divided into quarters to make a sun cross
  • Draw the eyes and you've finished.