Mapucheball are a native people of Chileball and Argentinaball.


The Mapuche tribes located between the Biobío and Toltén rivers (now Chile-icon Chileball) managed to successfully resist the Spanish conquistadors in the so-called Arauco War, a series of battles that lasted for 300 years, with long periods of truce. Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball recognized the autonomy of these territories in 1641, by means of the Treaty of Quilín. After independence of Chile-icon Chileball and Argentina-icon Argentinaball, their territories was invaded by the armies of these countrybals and the Mapuche population being confined in to "reductions" in Chileball and indigenous reserves in Argentinaball.

Because of this process of territorial deprivation, more than half of the Mapuche indigenous population now lives in urban areas, many of them maintaining links with their communities of origin.

In general, the Mapuche movement is fighting for the recovery of its ancestral territory, for constitutional changes in favor of indigenous rights and recognition by the States of their cultural specificities.


Mapucheball evolved from 3-icon 3balls. Mapucheball is a born leader and warrior. He does not get along with the Spanish-Empire-icon Spanishball Empire because the Spaniards invaded his clay. He also does not get along with the government of Chile-icon Chileball and Argentina-icon Argentinaball because they do not want to return their original lands as well as with Incaball, since Mapucheball prevented his plans for southern territorial expansion.

In his free time he likes to burn trucks.

How to draw

Mapucheball isn't very difficult to draw:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape with a black stripe on the top and on the bottom
  2. Add some white Amerindian drawings at the stripe
  3. Divide the rest into three horizontal stripes, blue, green and red
  4. Draw a yellow Mapuche symbol in the center
  5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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