Marinduqueball is a provinceball of Philippines-icon Philippinesball. He is an island located in Mimaropaball. His capital is the municipality of Philippines-icon Boacball. Marinduque lies between Tayabas Bay to the north and Sibuyan Sea to the south. It is located west of the Bondoc Peninsula of Quezon Province-icon Quezonball and north of Romblonball. Some parts of the Verde Island Passage, the center of the center of world's marine biodiversity and a protected marine area, are also within Marinduque's provincial waters. He was ranked as Number 1 in the list of the most peaceful province of Philippines-icon Philippinesball due to low crime rate statistics alternately ranking with his fellow provinceball Cagayan Valley-icon Batanesball.


Marinduqueball was born as groups of 1-icon 1ball migrants that migrated to the island of Marinduque and then was later adopted by native sultanates, Spanish East Indiesball, First Philippine Republicball, Tagalog Republicball, United States Philippinesball, Commonwealth of the Philippinesball, Second Philippine Republicball and then Philippines-icon Philippinesball.


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