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Marshall Islands-icon Marshall Islandsball

Marshall Islandsball is a country in the Pacific Ocean. He lets USA-icon USAball test his Gifts from God nukes in the mid 20th century in Bikini-icon Bikini Atollball. Marshall Islands, you are not even a Independent, USAball claims you. He harbours Bikini Bottom.


Marshall Islandsball was born as a 7-icon 7ball, later adopted by German Empire-icon German Empireball, Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball and USA-icon USAball till 1979. In recent times, he has issued an official unit of a cryptocurrency called the Sovereign.

How to draw

Draw Marshall Islandsball isn't difficult:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of blue
  2. Draw a diagonal (up-right to down-left) line, orange at left, white at right
  3. Draw a white 24-rayed sun in the up-left (Which you most likely can't)
  4. Draw the eyes (three is optional) and you've finished.


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