Mataram Sultanateball is a historical country in Southeast asia, and is the ancestor of Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball.


Mataram Sultanateball was born in Java in late 16th century. He was great grandson of Majapahitball, the greatest ever empireball in Nusantara (now called Indonesiaball). In his golden age his territory covers java and surrounding area. Mataram Sultanateball was good farmer, but he's bad in navy. He survived for almost 2 centuries. In 1755 Giyanti agreement was signed and his sons Sunanate of Surakartaball and Sultanate of Yogyakartaball become his successors.


How to draw

To draw Mataram Sultanateball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic red ball shape
  2. Draw a white crescent moon
  3. Draw two crossed krissword
  4. Add the eyes, and you've finished
  5. It would be more interesting if you add Javanese's traditional sultan headgear



Mataram Sultanateball at its peak

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