Mauritiusball have a flag that look like LGBTQ+ flag is a countryball off the east coast of Africa. He is to the east of Madagascar-icon Madagascarball, the north of Réunion-icon Réunionball the south of Seychelles-icon Seychellesball. Just like Canada-icon Canadaball, he can speak both French and English, but he speaks more Creole and Bhojpuri. He is also the only African country with Hindu religious majority, due to the large migration of India-icon Indians to their territory. He is the most developed countryball in Africa and he also has the most stable government.


Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball was born as an 8-icon8ball. In 1638 Dutch Empire-icon Netherlandsball discovered him and adopted him HE ALSO INTO KILL ALL MINE DODOS AND I WILL OF PUNISH HIM VERY BADLY I HOPE HE INTO SINK!!!, However, in 1710, Dutch Empire-icon Dutch Republicball, due to major problems, disowned Mauritius-icon Mauritius.

In 1715, France-icon Franceball took over Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball and France-icon made everyone slaves. Despite this sad event in Mauritiusball's history, his language is based off French-icon French. When the Napoleon wars began, Mauritius-icon Mauritius became nothing more than a port, which France-icon used for raiding UK-icon UKball's ships. Eventually, in 1810, UK-icon UKball gained control over Mauritius-icon. During UK-icon rule lots of India-icon Indians began to arrive in Mauritius-icon Mauritius to work and soon they became an important group on the island.

Despite many Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball's willingness to fight for UK-icon in the German Empire-icon Italian-Empire-icon First World War, Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball was not affected much by the consequences. In World War II, however, Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball was affected badly. His clay was in a state of civil unrest, but he soon recovered. Due to being unable to hold onto his colonies for much longer, UK-icon UKball granted Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball independence.

In 1992, Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball was recognized as a republic in the Commonwealth, and since then has managed to become one the most prosperous countryballs in Africa. Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball has made many friends since being in the Commonwealth and still keeps in touch with Seychellesball.



  • India-icon Indiaball - Colonial father. Is of a good parent. Thank yuo for the satellite.
  • China-icon Chinaball - My another ancestor
  • USA-icon Tourist - Gib monies and tourist tax.
  • Malaysia-icon Brother - Thank you for gib us proton. Also really diverse.
  • Singapore-icon Tringapore - Brother and Southeast asian version of myself. Both can into diversity


How to draw

Draw Mauritiusball is very simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into four horizontal stripes, red, blue, yellow and green
  2. Draw the eyes and you've finished.




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