Mauritiusball have a flag that look like LGBTQ+ flag is a countryball off the east coast of Africa. He is to the east of Madagascar-icon.png Madagascarball, the north of Réunion-icon.png Réunionball the south of Seychelles-icon.png Seychellesball. Just like Canada-icon.png Canadaball, Cameroon-icon.png Cameroonball, Burundi-icon.png Burundiball, and Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball. He can speak both French and English, but he speaks more Creole and Bhojpuri. He is also the only African country with a Hindu religious majority, due to the large migration of India-icon.png Indians to their territory. He is the most developed countryball in Africa and he also has the most stable government.


Mauritius-icon.png Mauritiusball was born as an 8-icon.png8ball. In 1638 Dutch Empire-icon.png Netherlandsball discovered him and adopted him HE ALSO INTO KILL ALL MINE DODOS AND I WILL OF PUNISH HIM VERY BADLY I HOPE HE INTO SINK!!!, However, in 1710, Dutch Empire-icon.png Dutch Republicball, due to major problems, disowned Mauritius-icon.png Mauritius.

In 1715, France-icon.png Franceball took over Mauritius-icon.png Mauritiusball and France-icon.png made everyone slaves. Despite this sad event in Mauritiusball's history, his language is based off French-icon.png French. When the Napoleon wars began, Mauritius-icon.png Mauritius became nothing more than a port, which France-icon.png used for raiding UK-icon.png UKball's ships. Eventually, in 1810, UK-icon.png UKball gained control over Mauritius-icon.png. During UK-icon.png rule lots of India-icon.png Indians began to arrive in Mauritius-icon.png Mauritius to work and soon they became an important group on the island.

Despite many Mauritius-icon.png Mauritiusball's willingness to fight for UK-icon.png in the German Empire-icon.png Ottoman-icon.png Bulgaria-icon.png Austria-Hungary-icon.png First World War, Mauritius-icon.png Mauritiusball was not affected much by the consequences. In World War II, however, Mauritius-icon.png Mauritiusball was affected badly. His clay was in a state of civil unrest, but he soon recovered. Due to being unable to hold onto his colonies for much longer, UK-icon.png UKball granted Mauritius-icon.png Mauritiusball independence.

In 1992, Mauritius-icon.png Mauritiusball was recognized as a republic in the Commonwealth, and since then has managed to become one the most prosperous countryballs in Africa. Mauritius-icon.png Mauritiusball has made many friends since being in the Commonwealth and still keeps in touch with Seychelles-icon.png Seychellesball.





How to draw

Draw Mauritiusball is very simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into four horizontal stripes, red, blue, yellow and green
  2. Draw the eyes and you've finished.




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