Melbourneball is a cityball of Australia-icon Australiaball.

Melbourne can into most livable city (before 2018) tall buildings and Luna Park.

Melbourneball and Sydneyball are fierce rivals. They often get into debates about who should be capital (sorry Canberraball, but no one cares about you), and whose Olympics were better.


In 1835, an Australian man known as John Batman bought 243,000 hectares of clay from some local Aboriginalballs for some trinkets. The Aboriginalballs thought that they were only allowing him into their clay, but John thought he bought the clay.

Another group of explorers, led by British man John Pascoe Fawkner, started a camp on the other side of the river near Batman. Fawkner built a grog shop, officially starting a settlement.

In 1837, the settlement was named Melbourne, after many interim names (including Batmania, Bearbrass, Bareport, Bareheep, Barehurp and Bareberp).

In 1847, Melbourneball became an official Cityball!

Melbourneball was a popular place during the gold rush, when gold was discovered in Ballarat. Many different people came to Australiaball for the gold rush.

From 1901 - 1927 Melbourneball was the capital AND ALWAYS SHOULD HAVE BEEN while Canberraball was being built.

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