aka TheCastleFort1

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on March 11
  • My occupation is A student
  • I am Male


Welcome to my message wall, user.

I have decided to test something out. 

So in all basic message walls, It's time for the rules.

The 10 RulesEdit

  • 1. - Be respectful, as I don't want to see hate messages nor any of that hateful stuff. 
  • 2. - Don't create drama on my message wall, I don't want to get blocked nor want me or you to get globalized.
  • 3. - As usual, follow Fandom's term of service. Think before you text, once It's there, It's there F O R E V E R
  • 4. - Do not doxx any of my shit. (ex: Doxxing my city)
  • 5. - No discriminatory speech or insults. This is because everyone can be allowed if you follow the rules. 
  • 6. - No posting NSFW, most of us in this community are teens aka minors, although some are adults.
  • 7. - Do not necropost (which is reviving dead threads) as this does bother me and my notifications.
  • 8. - It is illegal to do your self-glorification here as I don't want you annoying me.
  • 9. - Do not bait your shit here as it probably gets people and you/me into trouble.
  • 10. Only high rank users (aka owners, admins, mods, etc) can message me warnings. Normal users, don't do that.

The consequences of the rules are as follows:

  1. Deletion of the thread and the comment unless HRs tell me to keep the thread.
  2. Your account getting blocked and possibly getting globalized by Fandom.

Closing MessageEdit

Alright these are my rules and have a good day, users. 

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