aka TGC

  • I live in Canada, but ich bin moving to somewhere in Deutschland soon :O
  • My occupation is just having a good time
  • I am the Senate

                               Kingdom of Prussia-iconGermany-iconYo, welcome to my message wall or something!TGC-iconScotland-icon 

If you want to talk to me, hit me up here I'll reply shortly

Rules for this:

1. Don't spam me, please. please? :D

2. Our countries are equally bad, so don't shame about nationalities.

3. I have a right to ignore you if I must. Normally I won't though.

4. If you want to be pals, the answer's probably yes, however my friends list on my profile is full satire

5. don't start drama, folks 

6. Also, you can ask me for elaborate pencil movements in the form of art here. I may forget, but if I haven't and you constantly remind me while I'm working on it, I will deliberately lower the quality of itEdit

                                                               Have a decent day! ^^Edit

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