Zlojicanel08 RBLX

aka Bosnian Empire

  • I live in Bosnia (Dont deny that im from Bosnia)
  • My occupation is Defending kebab,School break until 2th septembar

Bosnia-icon Welcome to the Message Wall! Bosnia-icon

Just to let you know that if you are here make sure you abide by rules and you will become my friend!

If you brake a rule then you are no longer a friend of me!


1.No Hate

2.No Defend/Remove kebab Drama!Srpska Republic-iconTurkey-icon

3.No VandalismAntifascism-icon

4.No Spam

5.Say What you want and i will do what you said!

6.Nemoj reči da ja nisam iz Bosne ili da nepričam Srb Hrvat jezik.

7.Be nice!

Marty vs BE-BE
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