Micronesiaball, officially known as the Federated States of Micronesiaball, is a countryball in Oceania.


He is an irrelevant countryball whose main source of income is fishing, and not much else. Micronesiaball is the child of Spain-icon Spainball, but was then adopted by German Empire-icon Germanyball, then kidnapped by Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball. It was the site of a major battle in WWII, where bunch of Americans dropped bombs all over a Japanese base on one of poor little Micronesiaball's islands. Micronesia then finally settled down with USA-icon USAball as its adopted father. USAball's relations with Micronesiaball, though, are only lukewarm. The biggest giver of aid is actually China-icon Chinaball, who cares very much for Micronesiaball.

Micronesia is one of the blandest countries in the world. It even has one of the blandest flags in the world. Blue with four stars, lame! Micronesiaball gets the stamp of irrelevance! Boom! Stamped it, right onto it's head! You can see it, look!

How to draw

Draw Micronesiaball Micronesia-icon is very simple:

  1. Draw a light blue circle
  2. Draw four white stars in the shape of a diamond
  3. Add the eyes and you're done


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