Mimaropaball is a region of Philippinesball.


Mimaropaball was born as groups of 1-icon 1balls that migrated to the islands of Mindoroball, Marinduqueball, Romblonball and Palawanball and then was later adopted by native sultanates, Spanish East Indiesball, First Philippine Republicball, Tagalog Republicball, United States Philippinesball, Commonwealth of the Philippinesball, Second Philippine Republicball and then Philippinesball

How to Draw

  1. Colour the ball red
  2. Put a white spot in the middle
  3. Draw a yellow upside-down triangle in the middle
  4. Draw a beige coloured goat in the middle of the triangle
  5. Draw the name around the outside of the triangle
  6. Draw the eyes and you're done!