Mingball was a historical countryball representing the Ming dynasty of China. He either wears a hanfu or a wushamao wumao. He was of the last Chinese dynastyball to be ruled by the Han Chinese. Mingball had many voyages around the world and cannot into America and Africa. It can even into bigger and better navy than hue. It once invited Manchu to remove rebellions, but Manchu removed Ming instead and established Qingball.



  • Joseon-icon.png Joseonball - Good Friend. Kicked Toyotomi Japanball's meatballs so hard he (Toyotomi Japanball) can't even invade me.
  • British Empire-icon.png British Empireball - I guess we are friends. You help me raped Qingball hardly and your queen called me the mighty emperor.
  • Islam-icon.png Islam - Zheng He and a few of My generals converted into this religion and receive me a BIG ship. I respected this religion.


  • Dai Viet-icon.png Daivietball - Why don't you stubborn fall? But I think we're cool now and both can into friendship.
  • Roman Empireball/Byzantine Empireball - Is of Ok... I guess... But WHY ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH MONGOLS!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?! but... you are of okay... and ... civilized.To be of honest to yuo... I hab neutral fellings of yuo like yuo do me.



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