Minneapolisball is a cityball in Minnesota-icon Minnesotaball. Together with his twin brother St. Paulball, Minnesota's Capitalball, they are known as the "Twin Cities" and are often considered as one cityball (Minneapolisball-St. Paulball). He has had a historical rivalry with his twin brother over who could into a bigger population and who could build a better Catholic church, among other things.

Minneapolisball and his twin brother love sports: they share a baseball team (Minnesota Twins), a hockey team (Minnesota Wild), a basketball team (Minnesota Timberwolves) and a football team (Minnesota Vikings). In fact, he only got the Wild a few years ago after his original team, the North Stars, moved to Dallas-icon Dallasball. Now he hates St. Louisball since his Blues just beat the Wild in the playoffs. Sharing teams has helped Minneapolisball and St. Paulball get along better.

Minneapolisball has many kebab, mostly from Somalia-icon Somaliaball.

Hosted Super Bowl LII in 2018. Though he was kind of sad that his Vikings couldn't play on their home field, he was happy that Philadelphiaball won.


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