Missouri-icon.png Missouriball is in misery a state of midwestern Murica-icon.png USAball. He has 6 major cities, Kansas City-icon.png Kansas Cityball, St Louis-icon.png St. Louisball, Springfieldball, Independenceball (actually a satellite of KC), Columbiaball, and Joplinball (home of the 2011 tornado & bad flag (but not as bad as Brown County).


Missouriball was officaly born as an 3-icon.png 3ball adopted by USA-icon.png USAball. He officially became a state in 1821. In the 1830s, citizens got into a feud with evacuees immigrants.  In 1839 he lost a bloodless conflict with Iowa-icon.png Iowaball and had to give up his upper right corner.  During the Civil War, he was one of the few slave states to not join the CSA-icon.png CSAball.  However, he also sent a lot of people to fight for CSAball, and let CSAball's people use his clay to launch raids.

Missouriball was the launching point for many expeditions to settle more western clay.  Peoples freshly arrived from German Confederation-icon.png German Confederationball would gather in St Louis to buy wagons, oxen, sacks of flour, and grandfather clocks before setting out to ford rivers and die of dysentery.  Eventually, he decided to commemorate the valor of these peoples dying to settle new clays by building a giant metal halo; but because Missouriball can't do anything right it came out looking all wonky and stretched out.  



  • Kansas City-icon.png Kansas Cityball - Best friend. He's the only one I talk to because everyone around hate either does their own thing or hates me, I'm looking at you, Arkansas-icon.png.
  • France-icon.png Grandma - Named me and influenced my clay.
  • Oklahoma-icon.png Oklahomaball - He is Illinois' friend, he has a lot of natives. We can into tornado!


  • Illinois-icon.png Friendly Rival - He is okay for the most part, but St. Louis thinks he can stand up the Chicago. Also, the arch has more effort!
  • Iowa-icon.png Iowaball - We used to hate each other, but we are fine now. But stop calling me racist!!
  • Nebraska-icon.png Nebraskaball - Nothing bad to say about him, but we don't talk much.


  • Kansas-icon.png Kansasball - Ha! You'll never get Kansas City! He's mine! REMOVE WHEAT FIELDS!!


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