Mogadishuball is is the capital and largest city of Somaliaball.


He shares Somaliaball's erratic and sometimes deadly personality. He has a hatred of Ethiopiaball and wants to create Greater Somaliaball with him in charge. However, Ethiopiaball and Kenyaball have fierce resistance to that.


He had lived much longer than Somaliaball and had commanded a great empire, Ajurranball. During that time, he had skirmished with Portugalball over his and Kenyaball's coastline. He was victorious somewhat as Portugalball could not colonize him, but was not so lucky when Italy-icon Kingdom of Italyball colonized him and the rest of southern Somaliaball.

In 1960, he and all of Somaliaball gained independence. They lived happily until the civil war in 1991.

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