Monctonball is a city in southeastern New Brunswick-icon New Brunswickball, Canada-icon Canadaball. He has a QMJHL team called the Moncton Wildcats.


Monctonball was born as a Mi'kmaq 3-icon 3ball and later renamed Le Coude ("The Bend" or "The elbow") by Franceball as part of Acadieball because the muddy Petitcodiac river bends at a 90 degree angle as it crosses Monctonball's clay. Le Coude is still a popular nickname for Monctonball along with "Hub City", since the city is at the geographic center of the three Maritime provinceballs and the largest cityball in New Brunswickball

UKBall won Acadiaball during Queen Anne's war and In 1755, decided to remove fricot and tried to deport the Acadianballs out of their clay. Many ended up in Franceball, Quebecball and Louisianaball but many hid in the woods or came back a few years later and settled into Northern and Eastern New-Brunswickball. One of the british officers in charge of removing fricot was named Robert Monckton.

Meanwhile, UKBall's son decided to move out of his dad's house during the Ameerican revolution. Loyalists fled the new United States for what is now Canadaball's clay, found Le Coude's old clay and called it Moncton after the brithsh guy. they started building wooden ships. A few decades later, steam train came along and Monctonball was an important CN rail hub.

Nowadays, Monctonball has one of the most bilingual populations in Canadaball  (Roughly 40% acadian, 60% anglophone) and is a hub for education, transportation and call centers.

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