Montrealball is a major cityball in Quebec-icon.png Quebecball and is the second-largest cityball of Canada-icon.png Canadaball. Montréalball is also the 2nd largest French-speaking city on earth and the first in Americaball. Has a relation with Uganda-icon.png Ugandaball.


Montréalball born as a 3-icon.png 3ball, adopted by France-icon.png Franceball and Canada-icon.png Canadaball. When the French claimed Canadaball as part of her clay, they created some cities, one was Quebecball and an other was Ville-Marie, which later was renamed Montréalball. When the British have captured New Franceball, Montréalball was just a petit bourg. But it was about to turn into the world's most populated French city outside of Franceball itself.

Montréalball hosted Expo 67 as well as the 1976 Summer Olympics, not to mention games during the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. He also hosts the Canadian Grand Prix, a major stop on the Formula 1 auto-racing circuit, and the Rogers Cup tennis tournament.

On May 17, 2017, Montréalball celebrated his 375th birthday.

He has several major sports teams:

  • The Canadiens of the NHL (who have won more Stanley Cups than any other team, with 24)
  • The Alouettes of the CFL
  • The Impact of MLS

He had a baseball team called the Expos (which in 1994 had the best record in baseball prior to the strike), but DCball took it from him in 2005 and renamed it the Nationals. Montrealball would love to have his beloved Expos back one day (but for now, he doesn't mind Torontoball hosting exhibition games in Olympic Stadium).

Montréalball also hosts the world's third most watched sports event and biggest Formula One GP in the world. Other things are, the world's largest comedy festival (Just For Laughs), jazz festival [Montreal international Jazz Festival] and L'lnternational des Feux Loto-Quebec, the most massive and prestigious fireworks festival. There's also their anime convention, Otakuthon.

How to draw

Draw Montrealball isn't difficult:

  1. Draw a red + cross in the basic circle shape
  2. Draw in each quarter (from up-left, clockwise) a blue fleur-de-lys, an English Red Rose, a shamrock and a purple flower
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



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