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Mormonball (Actually called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) is a religionball. Mormonball started when a 14-year old called Joseph Smith was visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ, and they told him no church was true and that he would have the true church soon. An Angel called Moroni told Joseph about a set of golden plates hidden in a nearby hill, containing the record of the inhabitants of America- sort of like the Bible. Joseph could not get them until four years had passed. After he had gotten them, he used two stones called the Urrim and Thummim and the help of a friend to translate it.

After Joseph had finshed translating the book, he and some others occasionally recieved revelation about the church and how it was supposed to be run, including making a quorum of twelve apostles, recieving two types of priesthood, and the Word of Wisdom (No alcohol, smoking, coffee or tea). Many non-members believed that Joseph was a liar, and the church was chased out of New York, Ohio, Missouri (twice) and Illinois by mobs, in that order. Joseph Smith and a few others were killed at Carthage Jail. The next prophet, Brigham Young, who was the leader of the Twelve Apostles. To escape the mobs, they migrated 1,300 miles west to Utahball.

He was made in New Yorkball's clay, but was kicked out by mobs to Ohiorawr, who kicked him out to Missouriball, who kicked him out to Illinoisball, who kicked him back to Missouriball, who kicked him back to Illinoisball, until escaping to Utahball.

Mormonball Calls his Church "The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day saints". He believes all other Christians are wrong because they have believe things that have not been revealed or found anywhere in the scriptures.

He can usually be seen wearing a suit and tie and riding a bicycle, stopping at people's doors to try to convert them to his religion. Is friends with Jehovahball, but they sometimes get into arguments over who's working which side of the street.

Even though some Christian religions think he isn't Christian, he actually does believe in Christ. Also, people think he is a polygamist even though he hasn't been one for 130 years, AND think he is a cult, which is very annoying.

Mostly resides in Utah-icon Utahball, American Samoaball, and southern Idahoball, but lives in many other places- a lot of islands have a lot of his members, and sends missionaries everywhere.


  • Baptism of the Dead - Mormonball believes he can convert you from beyond the grave, all he has to do is baptize himself in your name, and poof! You can now enter heaven.
  • Temple Binding - Mormonball believes that if you get married in a temple, you will be sealed to your spouse for eternity, not just until death.
  • Premortal Life - Mormonball believes that everyone lived as a spirit, and a Child of God, who is Heavenly Father, before this life. After you die, you go to a temporary spirtual afterlife (heaven or heck) until the Second Coming. For one thousand years after that, everyone will be resurrected and live peacefully. Then, you will be judged on how you lived your life on Earth and go to either the Celstial Kingdom, where you can create your own world; the Terrestrial Kingdom, what most religons think of as heaven; the Telestial Kingdom, which is like Earth; or Outer Darkness, where nobody wants to be. You will live in the Kingdom you go to for eternity.
  • Priesthood - Mormonball believes in two types of priesthood- the Aaronic Priesthood, which any worthy (Obeying commandments, not doing bad things) male over eleven years old can have; and the Melchizedek Priesthood, which any worthy male over 18 can have. The Aaronic Priesthood prepares and passes the Sacrament, and the Melchizedek Priesthood can bless and ordain others. The Aaronic Priesthood has three levels: Deacon (12-13 years old), Teacher (14-15), and Priest (16-17). Deacons pass the Sacrament, Teachers prepare the Sacrament, and Priests bless the Sacrament.
  • Temples - There are 161 temples in the world. Anyone who is worthy (same as Priesthood worhtiness, but females too) can enter. Each temple has a baptismal font for Baptisms for the dead, a Celestial room meant to represent heaven, Sealing rooms for marriages, and many others.
  • Praying - You can pray anytime, anywhere, silently or out loud to ask Heavenly Father for help, forgiveness, or anything else.
  • Not Trinity - Unlike some other Christians, members believe that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are seperate beings. Also, there is a Heavenly Mother, but we don't know much about her.
  • Living Prophet - He believes that there is a prophet who recieves revelation about the church.
  • Baptism - He believes that when you are 8 years or older, you can be baptized by immersion to join his church.
  • No Infant Baptism - He also believes that infant baptism is a sin. Anyone who is less than 8 years old cannot sin, because they don't know good from evil yet.


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