Christian Saudi Arabiaball Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountainball (or Mount Athosball) is an autonomous society in Macedonia-icon (Greece) Central Macedoniaball. He does not let women into his clay, but this is because the monks at Mount Athos want to live in celibacy. (note: Mount Athos doesn't hate women, only those trying to enter his clay).

The capital city is Orthodoxy-icon Karyesball.


Orthodoxy-icon Mount Athosball existed since Ancient Greek times, it was a average little island in Greece until in 958 a Greek monk arrived and then he built the big central church. Byzantine-icon Byzantineball defended the island all the time. After the Fourth Crusade Orthodoxy-icon Mount Athosball was controlled by Catholic monks. During the Ottoman-icon Ottoman era, Orthodoxy-icon Mount Athosball had to pledge allegiance to the Ottoman-icon Ottoman sultans for recognition.





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