Mozambiqueball is the worst gun in Apex Legends a countryball in Southeastern Africa, and is another adoptive son of Portugal-icon.png Portugalball. Like his adoptive brothers, he can also into HUE, but has a more violent personality than them. He also can into all five vowels in his name and totally doesn't have weapons crossing out a book on top of a commie star on his flag. It also has the highest single country in scrabble!!!


Mozambiqueball was descended from a African 8-icon.png 8ball and also from the Bantu-icon.png Bantuball, and was born in 1498, before being adopted by Portugal-icon.png Portugalball shortly after. He grew up in the HUE family with his brothers, and due to this colonial heritage, he speaks fluent Portuguese.

In 1975, he became independent from his adoptive father after a bit of violence. He is mostly known for his violent personality nowadays and is rarely ever of much relevance.

In 1995, he finally can into Commonwealthball, with no history of British sovereignty, but cannot into English language.

In 2017, with the help of Russiaball, he started fighting an Islamic terrorist group trying to establish a caliphate in his Cabo Delgado province.


Mozambiqueball is one of Portugalball's adoptive children, so he can into HUE like his brothers. Unlike them, however, he is also fond of (unnecessary) death, and is very hardworking, but also very violent, and carries an AK-47 with him at all times. His AK-47 is the best thing in the world to him, and it's so simple that a child can use it which they do, hue hue !



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