Mughalball, or Mughal Empireball was a Turko-Mongol empireball and is an ancestor of Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladeshball, Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball, India-icon.png North Indiaball and also some clays of Iranball and Afghan-icon.png Afghanistanball. He was the final Turko-Mongol, whereas the rest had died. The Indiasaurs killed him. Sometimes he's drawn as a rawr because of its flag.


Mughalball was born in 1526 and introduced Islam-icon.png Islam. It eventually got stronger and stronger and conquered more and more of Indiaball with leaders like Akbar. 

In 1628, Shah Jahan became emperor. He built a very nice tomb for his queen, but he also liked demolishing Hinduism-icon.png Hindu temples. In 1658, Aurangzeb came to power. He was the last emperor who led a stronk Mughalball. He also liked destroying Hindu temples. After his death in 1707, the Mughalball was divided and conquered by East India Company-icon.png East India Companyball, in order to establish Company Raj. The Indiasaurs, such as Maratha-icon.png Marathasaur, also helped in tearing apart Mughalball and his clay and he ceased to exist in 1857.





  • Jodhpur-icon.png Jodhpur Stateball - My vassal until he went his own way and turned against me and came under Maratharawr control.
  • Karauli Stateball - Once under my patronage
  • Oudh-icon.png OudhRawr - my subah, then vassal in the Doab
  • Safavid-icon.png Safavid dynastyball - Gunpowder friend. Thanks for gib me cannons and muskets at the beginning of My establishment. But, Why yuo attacked me in 1649? JUST BECUASE I AM INSULTTING SHIA IMAMAS!?! WELL I HATE YOU AND I WILL CUTTING YOUT CANCER THIORAT PIECE OF TRASH YOU STPUD SHIA EXTERMIST!!!


How to draw

Draw Mughalball isn't very difficult:

Actually there are 2 ways to draw Mughalball

First Way:

  1. Draw a ball, color it green.
  2. Use yellow to draw the sun and spots.
  3. Draw 2 tiny circles for the eyes and color it white, it's finished.

Second Way:

  1. Draw a ball, color it green
  2. Draw a big circle around the borders of green and black
  3. Draw a red line from top to the bottom in the right
  4. Draw 2 lines in the right to connect red and red.
  5. Draw a yellow lion in the middle of biggest green part
  6. Draw a yellow sun behind the lion, not too big
  7. Draw 2 tiny circles for the eyes and color it white, it's finished.

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