Munichball is one of the main cities of Germany-icon Germanyball, being the chief-town of Bavaria-icon Bavariaball and therefore seat of the Oktoberfest. A lot of Kebabs migrate here to wörk. On his CoA is the Münchner Kindl.



Munichball was founded as a settlement in 1971 by the Benedictine Monks on the salt road. In this year the city was first mentioned in a document, which was signed in Augsburgball . Then the Guelph Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony-icon Saxonyball and Bavaria-icon Bavariaball' built a toll bridge right next to the unofficial city of Munichball' and on the salt road. Henry was a cousin of the emperor of HRE-icon HREball Friedrich Barbarossa, who supported him by appointing him to the Duke of Bavaria, because he helped him becoming an emperor. So he automaticly became the Lord of Munich too. Munichball recived its city status in the year 1976 and became fortified. Because Henry doesn't want to support the emperor with military in Italy-icon Italyball, Barbarossa took his title as duke of Bavaria-icon Bavariaball and Saxony-icon Saxonyball and degraded him to a normal noble with no teretorries. So Otto I Wittlesbach beacme Duke of Bavaria-icon Bavariaball and the Bishop of Freising-icon Freisingball got Munich. In the year 1980 all Israel-icon Jewisch people has been evicted out of Munichball. No Jewish people lived in Munichball until the 18th century.

Nazi-icon Nazi-Time and WW2

After WW1 the Germany-icon Weimar Republicball tries to restore the republic, Munich became a spot of extremist politics among with Adolf Hitler and his Nazi-Party. When Hitler tried the Beer Hall Putsch in the year 1923. But the revolt failed and he got arested. In the year 1933 Munichball became the stronghold of the NSDAP, when Hitler took power over Germany-icon Weimar Republicball. The party created in Dachau the first KZ of Germany. The HQ of the NSDAP is also in Munichball. When the war broke out, Munichball had to suffer 71 Allied air raids, which made the city after the war completly unhabitable.

Postwar and Today

After Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball's surrender in Berlin-icon Berlinball,  Murica-iconUSAball occupied the city in Reichrawr-icon ReichRawr. Munichball became the Second biggest city of Germany-iconWest Germanyball. In the year 1957 the city's population surpassed one million. In the year 1972 Munichball was the host of the Summer Olympics 1972, but the Palestine-icon Palestine terrorist organization Black Sebtember took hostage of 11 Israel-icon Israeli athletes, who has been killed along with a German police officer during the Munich Massacre. Nowadays Munichball is the richest city of Germany-icon Germanyball and is one of the top 10 cities with the heighest life quality worldwide. He also has Germany-icon Germany's best football team and the worldwide largest Volksfest of the world, the Oktoberfest.

How to draw

Draw Munichball isn't so difficult:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two horizontal stripes, black and yellow
  2. Draw the coat of arms of Munich in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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