Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblastball was a semi-independent Soviet republic within Azerbaijan SSRball's clay.


In 1918, the First Republic of Armeniaball and the newly created DR Azerbaijanball fought over Nagorno-Karabakhball, but the war was never settled because they both got anschlussed by Sovietball a few years later.

In 1923 Sovietball wanted to please Turkeyball, hoping that he would become a communist, so when dividing up anschlussed Caucasian clay he gave Nagorno-Karabakhball to Turkeyball's brother Azerbaijan SSRball, despite his being Armenian. However, he was allowed to mostly govern himself, being made an autonomous oblastball. Nagorno-Karabakhball wanted to be with his brother but was separated by a narrow strip of clay.

In the next decades, Azerbaijan SSRball tried to slowly repopulate Karabakh with kebab and force Armenians to move out, hoping to achieve what he did to Nakhichevanball. But kebabs never made up more than a small minority of the population.

In 1988 when Sovietball was dying, he voted to be independent from Azerbaijan, because he faced discrimination by kebab. Sovietball said nyet, and Azerbaijan SSRball began bombing him and removing Armens from his clay.

In 1991 Azerbaijanball declared independence and revoked his autonomous status, so Nagorno-Karabakhball took his mask off, changed his clothes, and became de facto independent. This resulted in the Nagorno-Karabakh War, which he won with help from Armeniaball.

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