Nakhon Phanomball is a provinceball of Thailand-icon.png Thailandball. It lies in Upper North Eastern Thailand-icon.png Thailandball. It borders Thailand-icon (division).png Mukdahanball, Thailand-icon (division).png Sakon Nakhonball, and Thailand-icon (division).png Bueng Kanball, all of which are Thailand-icon.png Thai provinces (changwat). It also borders Laos-icon (division).png Khammouanball, a province (khaet) of Laos-icon.png Laosball, in which it also has a friendship bridge.

The name 'Nakhon Phanom' means city of mountains in Thailand-icon.png Thai, a title given by King Rama I. However, there are no mountains in the province, with the province mainly plains in the Mekong River Valley, but in the city of Thakhekball, across the Mekong River in Laos-icon.png Laosball, there are limestone mountains, which can be seen clearly from the province's capital.

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