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𝔰𝔦𝔢𝔤 𝔥𝔢𝔦𝔩!!!
Nazi Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany was a countryball formed in 1933. He had ultimately hated many types of people, but the most hated type were the Jewcubes. He believed the Judes were the causes of all of his problems. He also believed they caused him to lose WWI, which was based on no evidence. He also hated communists, as well as Gypsies, Slavs, Catholics and homosexuals, etc. His ideal Nazi utopia was a racial hierarchy with anyone that's of German descent or a German to be on top, followed by other Aryan races.

Fascism was about Germans as part of the dominant, Aryan, race. National Socialism is quite simply a more extreme version of Fascism. The Nazi Regime wanted to make the world an Aryan world. However, not only Germans were the master race, Nordic people were also seen as Aryan. Nazis wanted racial and ethnic perfection. Contrary to belief, Nazism disproved of Islam as well but not as much as the Jews and Catholics.

He believed in the Aryan Race or, Germanic people being superior to everyone else. Once born, he started to prepare for the inevitable war. He started to build such a strong and powerful army that would strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. He also tried to kill all his enemies that existed in his country by making mass genocide camps, commonly referred to as "concentration camps," collecting Israel-icon Israelcube with secret police called the Gestapo (although this does not excuse the allies war crimes or their bombings on him).

He was really successful in his death camps. He needed friends and more importantly, allies to accomplish world dominance. He became friends with Italian-Empire-icon Italyball because he was fascist like him. Also, Italy wasn't terrible, though he wasn't exactly the best either. Also he became friends with Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball because he was extremely powerful and he could make a strong diversion for threats. His first move as a almighty powerful empire started by regaining other Germanic states, and then, most of Europe. (Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Belgium, Caucasus states, and some Yugoslav countries). Eventually, Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii of USA-icon USAball, and forced USA to join the war. As soon as he declared war on Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball, declared war on USA-icon USAball. Eventually, USA-icon USAball dropped two atomic bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball surrendered. The war ended on Auguest 14, 1945 with more than 50 million people dead, 14 million of them dying from the Holocaust.

Naziball's swastika is often replaced with a blue letter "f" (sometimes four "f"-s forming a swastika Facebook swastika) to avoid another ban on Facebook-icon Facebook.


Buildup to War (1933- Sept. 1939)

After German Empire-icon German Empireball lost the Great War, Germany-icon Germanyball (Germany-icon Weimar Republicball at the time) was humiliated by the Allied powers of the War, who forced him to sign the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which took away some of his clay, and also limited his power. Germany-icon Germanyball experienced hyperinflation and France-icon Franceball invading part of his clay in 1923, after he tried to postpone his reparations, but eventually got back on his feet, and joined the League of Nations in 1925. In 1929, However,  USA-icon USAball experienced a stock market crash, which affected all of his indebted, including Germany-icon Germanyball, who quickly lost all his money. As a result of his poverty, he renamed himself Nazi Germanyball in 1933, and re-anschlussed his demilitarized clay, known as the Saar, in 1935, then the Rhineland in 1936.  Italian-Empire-icon Italyball, had become fascist in 1922 and had invaded Albania-icon Albaniaball's clay in 1926, the Abssyniaball's clay in 1935-36. During this time, Nazi Germanyball focused on re-developing German armaments industries into a military-industrial complex; his new propaganda industry produced films like Triumph of the Will but was humiliated in the 1936 Olympic Games by USA-icon USAball.

Meanwhile, in Europe, in 1936-37  Nazi Germanyball helped fellow fascists to destroy the Spanish republicans in Spain-icon Spainball, and bomb Basque-icon Basqueball in the Spanish Civil War. In 1938  Nazi Germanyball Anschlussed  Austria-icon Austriaball and it's clay, and did the same to Czech-icon Czechoslovakiaball and his Sudetenland clay a few months later.  Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball becomes independent and Bohemia-icon Bohemiaball and Moravia-icon Moraviaball become protectorates. In 1938, UK-icon UKball and  France-icon Franceball met  Nazi Germanyball in Munichball, part of his clay to sign an agreement, in which  Nazi Germanyball agreed to stop expanding his clay. However, when he broke the agreement in September 1939 by invading Second Polish Republic-icon Polandball's clay, under a secret non-aggression pact with Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball, UK-icon UKball and France-icon Franceball declared war against Nazi Germanyball, after he refused to withdraw from Second Polish Republic-icon Polandball's clay.

Blitzkrieg! (Sept. 1939- Aug. 1943)

Around this time, fellow fascist ball Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball also anschlussed Albania-icon Albaniaball and Ethiopia-icon Ethiopiaball, and became allies with Nazi Germanyball and Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball in 1940. Nazi Germanyball  anschlussed the clay of Denmark-icon Denmarkball,  Norway-icon Norwayball,  Luxembourg-icon LuxembourgballBelgium-icon Belgiumball (family tradition), and Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball, then raped France-icon Franceball in May 1940, creating a puppet state, Vichy France-icon Vichy Franceball, who inherited France-icon Franceball's clay, since she had fled to UK-icon UKball's clay.  Nazi Germanyball then tried to bomb UK-icon UKball's clay but was ultimately defeated and forced to withdraw from it.

Meanwhile, Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball tried to rape Finland-icon Finlandball, but he beat up Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball, who raped Estonia-icon EstoniaballLatvia-icon Latviaball,  Moldova-icon Moldovaball and Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball instead, causing Nazi Germanyball to wonder if Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball was really that stronk after all. In 1941, Nazi Germanyball invaded Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball and Kingdom of Greece-icon Greeceball's clay, with some help from Italian-Empire-icon Italyball, who later invaded Monaco-icon Monacoball's tiny clay. In Yugoslavia he set up multiple puppet states. Hungary-icon HungaryballRomania-icon Romaniaball, and Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball decided to ally with Nazi Germanyball, in hopes of not being raped by him. Nazi Germanyball then decided to invade Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball's clay in June 1941.

In June 1941, Nazi Germanyball invaded both Soviet-icon Sovietball's clay, and Vichy France-icon Vichy Franceball's clay in North Africa, his half-brothers French Algeria-icon French Algeriaball, Tunisia-icon Tunisiaball, and Libya-icon Libyaball. He also bombed Malta-icon Maltaball's clay, but since this is really rather irrelevant we will move on. USA-icon USAball helped UK-icon UKball in North Africa, to defend Egypt-icon Egyptball at El Alamein, and eventually liberated France-icon Franceball's adoptive North African children from their evil half-brother's control. In 1943, USA-icon USAball invaded Italian-Empire-icon Italyball's southern clay, and UK-icon UKball liberated Kingdom of Greece-icon Greeceball's island clay.

In Eastern Europe, Nazi Germanyball had invaded most of Soviet-icon Sovietball's clay, liberating his slaves Byelorussian SSR-icon Byelorussian SSRball, Ukrainian SSR-icon Ukranian SSRball (who was starving), Ukrainian SSR-icon Moldovan SSRball, Estonian SSR-icon Estonian SSRball, Latvian SSR-icon Latvian SSRball, and Lithuanian SSR-icon Lithuanian SSRball, with his new ally Finland-icon Finlandball, but was bogged down in the winter of 1942-43 by bad weather and the winter in Ukrainian SSR-icon Sovietball's clay. He was forced to retreat, and was defeated at Kursk and Stalingrad on Ukrainian SSR-icon Sovietball's clay in 1943. By September 1943, Ukrainian SSR-icon Sovietball had reclaimed most of the SSRballs' clay, and Nazi Germanyball was on the retreat. In Europe, however, Nazi Germanyball was too busy murdering Israel-icon Jewcubes on Poland-icon Polandball's clay to notice Romania-icon Romaniaball, Finland-icon Finlandball, Iran-icon Iranball and Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball abandoning him in favour of the Allies. USA-icon USAball pushed up Italian-Empire-icon Italyball's clay, but Nazi Germanyball took the rest of it before USA-icon USAball could liberate it, and he created Italian Social Republic-icon Italian Social Republicball. Italian-Empire-icon Italyball then switched sides to join the Allies. Meanwhile, UK-icon UKball helped liberate Abyssiniaball from Italyball in East Africa.

The Tide Turns (Dec. 1943- May. 1945)

By January 1944, USA-icon USAball had liberated most of Italian-Empire-icon Italyball's clay and Philippines-icon Philippinesball's clay in the Battle of Manila, and Soviet-icon Sovietball had 'liberated' Poland-icon Polandball and Moravians-icon Czechoslovakiaball clay. UK-icon UKball and France-icon Franceball then staged an invasion to liberate France-icon Franceball's clay from her evil son at Monte Cassino in 1944, causing Vichy France-icon Franceball to surrender to the Allies (family tradition?). In June 1944, UK-icon UKball, and his sons Canada-icon Canadaball and USA-icon USAball landed on France-icon Franceball's former clay, and liberated Paris, in September 1944.

In Europe, after the Battle of the Bulge in winter 1944-45, Nazi Germanyball had retreated from the Ardennes, and Luxembourg-icon Luxembourgball, Belgium-icon Belgiumball, and Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball had been liberated, the last one by Canadaball. Meanwhile, Italy-icon Italyball and Monaco-icon Monacoball's clay had been liberated by USA-icon USAball, and Soviet-icon Sovietball had liberated Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball, Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Austria-icon Austriaball, Poland-icon Polandball, and Albania-icon Albaniaball's clay, rescuing the Israel-icon Jewcubes that had not been murdered, and had even entered Nazi Germanyball's clay. By March 1945, Soviet-icon Sovietball had won the Battle of Berlin, and was in the heart of Nazi Germanyball's clay. UK-icon UKball and USA-icon USAball joined him soon afterwards, and Nazi Germanyball was mortally wounded in late April, and committed suicide on the 8th of May, 1945, ending the war in Europe. His children Germany-icon West Germanyball, and East Germany-icon East Germanyball were adopted respectively by USA-icon USAball and Soviet-icon Sovietball. ReichRawr-icon ReichRawr (aka the Saar) was adopted by France-icon Franceball, but eventually given to Germany-icon West Germanyball. Norway-icon Norwayball and Denmark-icon Denmarkball became free once again after Nazi Germanyball's death in May 1945.



  • Austria-icon Austriaball - They were of the same. 'Voted' to join the third Reich. Also birthplace of mein Führer.


Naziball had few friends because he wanted to take over everything.

  • Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball - Pride een vone's own race – und zat does nicht eemply ze contempt for uder races – ist also a normal und healthy sentiment. Ich habe never regarded ze Chinese or ze Japanese as veing inferior to OUR SUPERIOR ARYAN RACE!. Zey belong to ze ancient civilizations, and Ich admitenze freely zat zeir past history is superior to our own. SIEG HEIL MEIN FÜHRER.
  • Independent State of Croatia-icon Independent State of Croatiaball - "Aaaahh mein loyal little friend you helped me in the East." (Still Slavic inferior race, I'll kill you later).
  • Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball - Complete Fehler Partners in crime, friends. Ugh, but so immature as well. Wanted African clay but got raped by UKball. More of a burden to be honest. He even fell down before me. Not saying that I fell down, of cerse.
  • Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball - We raped Soviets together! Good allies, of course. Preserve the master race!
  • Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball Ze loyal friend. (Still slavic inferior race. I'll kill you later).
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball - Help Empire of Japanball, good friends. Still not Aryan though. I shall conquer you later.
  • Finland-icon Finlandball - Finlandia, yuo may not be part of Axis, but I salute yuo for removing Soviet-icon Vodka and killing Bobrikov. OH WHY MUST ZE BLONDEST PEOPLE NOT BE ARYAN BUT OF MONGOL. Grr.
  • Sweden-icon Swedenball - Yuo also not part of axis, and didn't join the war, but yuo sell the metals. And you are part of superior Aryan master race, so I will have merci. Also yuo helped Finn against evil Vodka.
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - We were allies but we could never in the war as ally. But you didn't send army for killings us and you joined allies caus of my death.
  • Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball - We are friends before... Ja, you save mein Fuhrer, but stupid Chiang Kei-Shiek don't like mein plans... I will anschluss yuo all...
  • Argentinaball - Mein furher died here there where many Nazi groups supporting mein regime, but why did you into helpings enemies! fuk you!
  • Wehrmachtball - Naziball's army. Bitte take care of mein SS!


Every other countryball, especially Jews.

  • Poland-icon Polandball - Er war unterlegen. Er war einmal mit Verbündeten im Ersten Weltkrieg, aber er hat eine riesige Menge an Ton für uns, bis er von diesen schmutzigen Russen überfallen wurde... (Translation: He was of inferior. Was once allies during WW1, but he has a lot of clay until he was of anschlussed by filthy Sowjet...)
  • Czech-icon Czechoslovakiaball - ANSCHLUSS! Sudetenland is of mein!
  • Germany-icon Weimar Republicball - A loser that was a shame of the German master race, Weimarball listened to whatever nonsence that UK-icon UKball, France-icon Franceball, and USAball ordered him to do.
  • USA-icon USAball - He took mein SCIENTISTS ! AND how much did he steal.Over YOU ARE RULED BY ZE JEWS.
  • UK-icon UKball They had good guys like Mosley and were freinds of Deutschland, but then...-HÖHÖHÖHÖHÖ!!! BLITZKRIEG BEST DAY OF MEIN LIFE!!! Yet ich cannot into crossing channel to invade them, so they bomb Berlin-icon Berlinball NEIN!!! NEIN!!!
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Can't believe we can't of anschluss them... and wis friends with France! Will remuv stink maple syurp!
  • France-icon Franceball- Yuo Hollande ist pathetic, ich conquer yuo! Yuo arr nothing but a piece of democartic piece of baguette shite!!
  • Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball and China-icon Communist Chinaball - Now trying to kill Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball, eh?! Ich and Japan will defeat Dim Sum!
  • Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball - Pathetic mountain Jews, ich did not invade cause they have monies and offered to wash my looted gold. That does not mean ich was not planning to invade him. Ich meine, he is still part of Deutschland.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball-Mein sterripd son who is of disgrace to master race.Yuo friends with Poland-icon Polandball, France-icon Franceball and other idiots.NEIN! You are sopposed to remove them.But atleast you try to remove Russia-icon Russiaball,
  • Kingdom of Yugoslavia-iconKingdom of Yugoslaviaball - Only 2 days in AXIS, betryed, you are removed! You give word 25th,you break word 27th...
  • Mexico-icon Mexicoball - Zeriously? a petroleum ship is your excuse to get into war? pathetic

Can Into Space?

According to Austria-icon Dr. Österreich, he really cannot into space, but his V-2 almost made it, but it had nein balls in it. At least can into anschluss because he of startings World War 2. To start off, Luftwaffeball actually created this for the Führer. He of wantings to blitzkrieg UKball, so Naziball agreed. The Allies thought this weapons is the Luftwaffe's anschluss. Luftwaffeball even used his V-2 rockets to bomb Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball, too, Until his death, the Allies captured many of his rockets and kept it for war museums. Dr. Österreich of believings that the rocket symbolizes that Naziball will into space (if he of ressurected by his Germany-icon son). In conclusion, when Naziball saw his V-2, he said: "Das ist einige harte Raketen Sie haben!" (That's some tough rocket you have!) Luftwaffeball was of pleased when his Führer was impressed of his creation.

Quotes from the Führer

Bringen Sie mir Fegelein! FEGELEIN!!! FEGELEIN!!! FEGELEIN!!!
Blöd Fegelarsch who of kommiting so many antics...
Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja!
Das war ein Befehl!

How to draw

Drawing Nazi Germanyball is simple :

  1. Make a medium circle in the middle of the base circle
  2. The color of the base circle is red and the medium circle is white
  3. In the medium circle draw a swastika symbol
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished


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