Naprej zastava Slave, na boj junaška kri! Za blagor očetnjave naj puška govori!

Nazi Sloveniaball was a Nazi puppet state based on the current central European, state of Sloveniaball


Nazi Sloveniaball was born when Nazi Germanyball invaded Yugoslaviaball. It was a minor puppet and Partisan Sloveniaball in 1945 made the country socialist again.

He was one of the smallest (but most fanatic) supporters of Nazi Germanyball in Europe. On 20. April 1944, he swore an oath of alleigance towards Nazi Germanyball, and declared war on SR Sloveniaball and Soviet Unionball. He created his own small army, the Domobranci and started waging war on the Partisans, who were active in his territory.

His only friend (besides Nazi Germanyball) was the Independent State of Croatiaball. Together, they were killed by Yugoslaviaball, after the Bleiburg repartiations.

Was probably the most insistent incarnation of Sloveniaball that proclaimed he was central and not southern Europe. Considering his Slavic race was targeted for eventual extermination, this is understandable.

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