Netherlands Antillesball was an union of islands owned by Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball in the Caribbean Sea. It was composed of Aruba-icon Arubaball , Bonaire-icon BonaireballCuracao-icon CuracaoballSaba-icon SababallSint Eustatius-icon Sint Eustatiusball and Sint Maarten-icon Sint Maartenball​​​. Although, Aruba-icon Arubaball​ became autonomous in 1986, reducing the number of stars on the flag from 6 to 5.

Its present-day equivalent/successor is Caribbean Netherlands-icon Caribbean Netherlandsball​​​.


Netherlands Antillesball was born in 1954 as the successor of Curaçao and Dependencies-icon Curaçao and Dependenciesball, which had assimilated his sister colony, Sint Eustatius and Dependencies-icon Sint Eustatius and Dependenciesball, in 1828. Both had been created by the Dutch Empire-icon United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball in 1815, from the previously colonized 3-icon 3ball islands in the Caribbean Sea under the control of the Dutch West India Company-icon Dutch West India Companyball.

In 1986, Aruba-icon Arubaball became its own autonomous constituent countryball.

In 2010, Netherlands Antillesball dissolved. Curacao-icon Curacaoball and Sint Maarten-icon Sint Maartenball followed the path of more autonomy, while the remaining three balls reformed into Caribbean Netherlands-icon Caribbean Netherlandsball​​​.

How to draw

  1. Draw basic circle.
  2. Fill the circle white.
  3. Draw a vertical red band.
  4. Draw a horizontal blue band over the red band.
  5. Draw 5 white stars in middle of the blue band in a flattened circle shape, or 6 if you're drawing the earlier version of the flag.

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