Newarkball (also known as Brick City) is the biggest New Jerseyan city. It has an airport and is one of most dangerous city in USA-icon USAball.


Newarkball Icon Newarkball was born a 3-icon 3ball, who was adopted by of Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball in 1666 and adopted by UK-icon UKball until he rebelled with ColAmerica-icon Thirteen Coloniesball to form USA-icon USAball. In 1815, a Massachusetts-icon Massachusettsball came and helped Newarkball improve. Massachusettsball helped so much that in in 1870, Newarkball made almost 90% of USAball's leather. Massachusettsball also helped Newarkball make iron and farms. Eventually, Newark became one of the most industrial cities on the West Coast. But then The Great Depression came, ruined everything, and then the city became mostly a slum. Over time, things were slowly getting worse and worse, and Italy-icon Italyball came for work, until eventually, in 1967 some riots erupted.

1967 riots

In 1967, a taxi driver was arrested while violently resisting. A group of people were protesting the arrest around the station. The protesters thought he died in jail, when he really was just taken to a hospital. A small riot was made, which didn't do too much damage. However the riot was on the news, and even larger riots formed. this did a lot of damage to Newarkball Icon Newarkball.


Newarkball Icon Newarkball continued getting worse, and more people were leaving. When NYC-icon New York Cityball wanted to show what urban despair looked like, he filmed Newarkball. For some time, Newarkball was the worst city in USAball. But then people decided to build a $180 million dollar performing arts center, and this was seen as the first step to the revival of Newarkball. Since then, many more buildings have been built, and Newarkball is now in its renaissance.



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