Hello, I'm a Nigerian Prince. I need a place to hide my funds and assets. If you give me your Paypal info then I can give you 15% of dah royal treasury. The money will stay in there until I can fix the current Nigerian rebellions dividing this country.
— Nigeriaball when scamming others
Why are yuo running?
Nigeria-icon Pretty Liars Nollywood Version.
My name is Oluwasegunfunminitotonicalvary, this means The Lord Has Conquered My Pussy, At Calvary, and I am not talking about da pussycat. So as you can tell, i am very blessed, and i want to give the blessing to you.
— Also Nigeria scamming

Nigeria-icon Nigeriaball, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeriaball, is a countryball in Southwest Africa. His clay borders with the Benin-icon Beninball  in the west, Chad-icon Chadball and Cameroon-icon Cameroonball in the east, and Niger-icon Nigerball in the north. The country is divided into 36 states, along with one federal capital territory being his capital Abuja-icon Abujaball, giving him a total of 356,669 square miles, making him the 14th largest country in Africa, and the 31st largest country in the world. As of 2018, he has a population of 193 million.

Being geographically in Africa gives Nigeria the ability to join African Union-icon African Unionball, as well as UN-icon UNball for being a fully independent sovereign state. With his growing economy, in a few years he could be in G20 (And beacuse of him, it would have to become G21).

It is one of the richest countryballs in African Union-icon Africa (his flag even looks like money), and has a huge economy. It has the largest population in African Union-icon Africa, and is ranked 7th biggest population in the Earth-icon world. He is the closest country to becoming developed in African Union-icon Africa. Nigeria-icon Nigeriaball gets his money from sending emails to other countryballs and than scamming them. Some people are saying he may be an emerging power one day.

His national day is October 1st.

Reputation and Relevant Issues

It has a religious divide, which is experienced by most central African nations, that being the north tending to the Islam-icon Islamic religion, and the south tending to a Christian-icon Christian religion focus. This causes problems within the social and governmental orientation of the country, as it does not have a central vision to bind the country and move it forward. This has lead to the birth of Boko Haram-icon Boko Haram, although a militaristic president (Who was a former dictator of the nation), is fixing that.

Nigeria-icon Nigeriaball has the reputation of being a conman, as its population conducts a large amount of fraud and email cases, most notably the love interest in medical trouble scam, or the rich Nigerian prince scam. Despite this, most Nigerians hate scammers. yay stupid boomer gib me paypal info!

Flag Colors

Spanish Green 0, 135, 81 C100-M0-Y40-K47 #008751
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



  • USA-icon USAball - Buy more of my oil plox! Also, please send monies so I can get back into power. We have similar cuisines! A genetic study observed that around 50% of the overall ancestry of the African Americans of USA traces back to the Yoruba of my clay (and also southern Benin). Help your brother from Africa!!!
  • UK-icon UKball - My dad. He's good and buys my oil. One of his British Youtubers "KSI" is descended from nigerians.
  • Niger-icon Nigerball -  We've come to an understanding...
  • Benin-icon Beninball - Small, Irrelevant and Francophone neighbour. But he is of part Yoruba like me. 
  • Togo-icon Togoball - He is not of yoruba, but still nice neighbor and friend.
  • EU-icon EUball -Thanks for removing terrorists. gib monies
  • India-icon Indiaball - Good friend of mine from Asia. He sometimes goes to my clay for tour and I do the same as well. He's my rival in terms of famous internet scams.
  • South Africa-icon South Africaball - We have the biggest economies of Africa and he is a BRICS member (invest here pls !)
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - Yuor Indomie Noodle taste SO GOOD!!!, Let's trade it with me oil.
  • Ghana-icon Ghanaball - He also of loves Indomie! Also can into rapper just like me (big shaq).
  • Vâlcea-icon Râmnicu Vâlceaball - Secret Scamming partner


  • Liberia-icon Liberiaball, Guinea-icon Guineaball, Sierra Leone-icon Sierra Leoneball - STOP INFECTINGS MY CLAY WITH EBOLA!
  • Cameroon-icon Cameroonball - GIB BACK BAKASSI RIGHT NOW! 
  • Ivory Coast-icon Ivory Coastball - Football rivals. IM WAY BETTER THAN YUO AT FOOTBALL!!!!! 2014 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!!!
  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball - They beat us at the World Cup, and knocked us out of the group stage. THAT WAS TOTALLY A HANDBALL PENALTY IN THE SECOND HALF AND YOU KNOW IT
  • South Africa-icon South Africaball - YOU UNGRATEFUL B*STARD!! I do everything I could to break you free from apartheid and now you attacked my people?! Is that how you thanked us?! BOYCOTT SOUTH AFRICA!!!




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