Norfolk Islandball is an Australia-icon.png Australian island territory located in the Tasman Sea north of New Caledoniaball.


Norfolk Islandball born as a 7ball, that UKball tried twice to colonize. The third time, in 1856, UKball colonized him as part of Australiaball.

The island was placed under the authority of the  Australiaball in 1914. In 2016 Norfolk Islandball experienced reduced autonomy.


  • Australia-icon.png Australiaball - Gib independence!
  • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball - Can I borrow some more money pls?
  • Fiji-icon.png Fijiball - Sort of related.
  • UK-icon.png UKball - Rather him than Australia. Please! Save Me! We have Tea!
  • Almost all Polynesian and Melanesian Islands - Would you stop? Taking away all the tourism monies.
  • Jamaica-icon.png Jamaicaball - His capital is a name stealer of my capital!
  • Nigeria-icon.png Nigeriaball - Flag stealer!

How to draw

Draw Norfolk Islandball is very easy:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three vertical stripes, green, white and green
  2. Draw a green tree in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.




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