North Bayball is a cityball located in northeastern Ontario-icon.png Ontarioball. It takes its name from where it is situated on the shore of Lake Nipissing and is one of Canadaball's most friendly cityballs.

He is known as the "Gateway to the North" as it sits on the eastern junction of highways 11 and 17, both are branches of the Trans-Canada Highway. His best friend is Greater Sudburyball, but he is also good friends with Sault Ste. Marieball and Thunder Bayball.

He loves the outdoors and the friendly people that live on his clay. He has two major post-secondary institutions (Candalore College and Nipissing University) and also has his own OHL hockey team called the Batallion, a gift to him from Bramptonball. In 2018, he will be hosting the World Women's Curling Championship.

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