North Carolinaball is the best Carolina one of the Murica-icon United States of Americaballs. He's an educated redneck. He can into South.

He was the first State to declare independence from British Empire-icon UKball on May 20th, 1775 and 12th to ratify the Constitution on November 21st, 1789.

He was the last State to join CSA-icon Confederateball in the Civil War. USAball was nice to him because he didn't really want to leave before. This upset his neighbors, especially SouthCarolina-icon South Carolinaball and Virginia-icon Virginiaball.

North Carolina and Virginia-icon Virginia both are in the south but sometimes want to be into the north because of their political views. Both are less right than the other southeast states. They are also the northernmost states of the south, leading to them being less southern. SouthCarolina-icon South Carolinaball also doesn't like the fact that North Carolina isn't very conservative, sometimes at an extreme level.

Charlotte-icon Charlotteball is his largest city, and has the Bank of America corporate HQ.

He has many great children of whom all he loves (especially that liberal Chapel Hill) but Michael Jordan is his favorite. He also has a Lost Colony-icon Big scarytourist attraction


  • He cannot decide his political party (he chose a republican president by a close margin, but have a Democratic governor).
  • He can into cancer research.
  • He cannot into teacher salary.
  • He had a string of Democrat governors from 1901 to 1969.
  • He likes to join college basketball teams without taking classes.
  • Doesn't like Transgender Bathrooms, but may change his mind on it soon.
  • Loves pork and pigs of all kinds.
  • Does not like yankee "barbecue."
  • Some say he can into gerrymandering.
  • Grows lots of tobacco but is moving into banking.
  • He has good beaches on the Outer Banks and likes to go fishing.
  • He can into 10 Gbit internet in Salisbury, a small town near Charlotteball.
  • He is the home to Epic Games, the developers of Unreal Engine, Unreal and Gears of War series and one of the most played games in the world, Fortnite.
  • North Carolinaball, like other Southern states from the USA-icon USAball is one of the states with the highest number of 8-icon 8balls, these 8balls are descendants of slaves that came from from countryballs like Angola-icon Angolaball, Congo-icon Congoball, Guinea-icon Guineaball, DR Congo-icon Democratic Republic of Congoball, Togo-icon Togoball, Nigeria-icon Nigeriaball, Senegal-icon Senegalball, Gambia-icon Gambiaball, Benin-icon Beninball, Cameroon-icon Cameroonball, Ivory Coast-icon Ivory Coastball, Ghana-icon Ghanaball, etc.


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